How to Update/Install Office 2016 Using Offline Installer

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Our office already using Office 365 (office 2013) with E3 plan and E1 plan since early 2015. During this times we received many complain on Excel from power user that using excel everyday with complex formula. They found many times excel hangs/stop responding and many of them feel better using excel 2010.

Another complain coming from user who use Onedrive for business many files not synced correctly we have to move the file out of Onedrive folder first, after the folder fully sync (green check mark icon) we have put back the files that having problem with sync and most of the time this workaround work file. The problem is we need more time to do this and this is not acceptable. They also complain sometimes files that saved in Onedrive folder just gone without reason. They already saved the files on that folder but when next time they need to open it was not there. This is danger so many of the stop using Onedrive.

Outlook 2013: we found no serious problem.

Winword 2013: we rarely used it.

Recently we received an email from our UK office asking us to upgrade manually to office 2016 before February 2016. This is to avoid auto upgrade on February for all computer who subscribe to office 365 program which can flood out communication line with huge traffic, and here’s the story begin.

If you wonder what is the feature of office 2016, you can see it here:

They sent us offline installation files for office 2016, the size is about 1GB. As per below picture we have been asked to use install.bat instead of setup.exe

Install Office 2016 Using Offline

Install using install.bat NOT setup.exe

Before we install office 2016 we have to make sure the user in included on local administrators group. Using install.bat we found that it took about to 5-6 hours to complete and this is unusual with offline installation files. When no internet connection also this installation process cannot continue.

offline installer error - Install Office 2016 Using Offline
Error when no internet access on the computer during Office 2016 upgrade

Office 2016 offline installer problem fix:

We found that to make it able to install offline, you have to add SourcePath parameter on configuration.xml file.

  1. Open configuration.xml file with notepad
  2. Add SourcePath=”folder of office 2016 installation files”

The folder can be from network share or USB or harddisk as long as you correctly mention it in the configuration.xml. Please see sample picture below:

Edit your configuration.xml file - Install Office 2016 Using Offline
Edit configuration.xml


How to know that now office 2016 offline installer is working?

To make sure that offline installer working ok, just double click install.bat  without internet connection if it start updating office 2016 then you already correct amending that file.


When you are ready with the correct installation files you can choose following option to install office 2016.

Office 2016 offline installation using USB

Con: Every time you move to another computer you have to make sure USB drive letter is the same as drive letter on the configuration.xml file. Pros: The advantage is faster comparing to network speed and no need space to copy source file to harddisk.

Office 2016 offline installation via network share

Pros: Easy, no need to change anything for every PC you install using installation files and no additional space on harddisk. Cons: when install on more than 5 network clients at the same time network performance become slower.

Office 2016 offline installation from local disk

The fastest process during offline installation but need space and time to copy from source to local harddisk.

Whichever you choose it will be a lot faster than using streaming/online installation from the internet.


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