Underwater iPod Mega Bundle with Blue Color Review

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Underwater iPod Mega Bundle with Blue Color Review

Why you need to purchase products separately when you can get them in one package? Underwater iPod Mega Bundle with blue color offers you with 3 products to accompany your swimming activity.

IPod Mega Bundle With Blue Color

Product Description

Underwater iPod Mega Bundle includes:

  1. Underwater Audio iPod

After taking the original Apple iPod Shuffle, Underwater Audio (waterproof specialist industry) advanced the product become waterproof that suit from swimmers. It will work with full functional options in any kind of wet environment from light until full submersion. This MP3 player can resist to 200 feet (61/86.7psi) water damage. With 2GB capacity, you can save hundreds of your favorite songs with this 4th generation of iPod Shuffle.

  • Swimbuds Waterproof Extra-Short Cord Earbuds

Swimbuds waterproof earbuds with extra cords are designed for flip turns which very stable and perfect fit for lap swimming. With only 10 inch or 25 cm long, the short cord with avoid cable drag and keep secure the ear buds during swimming. There are 4 sizes ear buds available in the product, so you can choose which one fits for you. There also an extension cable with 39 inch or 1 meter long to adjust the cord length. This kind of ear-buds will stay sealed in your ear and deliver the great sound in or out water environment.

  • HydroHarmony Waterproof Headphones

HydroHarmony waterproof headphones are 100% waterproof that designed to fit on any use for water activity. The headphones use quick on/off design featuring short cord. It’ll give you an easy-to-use music player while swimming underwater. There are three sizes of ear buds included in the products. The ear buds also completed with a 39 inch/1m extension cable to adjust the cord length.

Product Information

The Underwater Audio product has 10x7x4 inches of dimension and 1 pound of weight. The color comes in mega-blue which blends well with the water. iPod Shuffle has 1 Lithium ion batteries that rechargeable for 15 hours battery life. You can play any song and create a playlist you love.

Featuring with VoiceOver button you can have easy access during swimming. Only with one click to the button you can hear the title and artist of current song. You can also change the playlists and check the battery status. Only sync with iTunes you will connect your iPod with Mac and PC devices.

While swimming you will forget that you attach the iPod on your goggle. This small and secure music player is the best companion for any water sport or activity.

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