Troubleshooting Printer Offline in Windows 10 Step by Step

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You found that that your printer offline after upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1. However, before the upgrade everything is OK means you can print normally from all programs. If this happen, most likely that you need to upgrade your printer driver which compatible with Windows 10. Find the new printer driver for Windows 10 from your Printer’s manufacturer website.

Printer Offline Windows 10

For HP printer you can download the driver here:
For Canon printer you can download driver here:

If you already use windows 10 and the printer suddenly offline:

There are times when the printer suddenly offline without obvious reason, following are steps that will trace the printer offline problem.

1. Check printer connection

If connected via network try to ping your printer IP address, if the printer replied to your ping then the printer connectivity is fine.
If connected via USB cable, try to unplug and re plug the USB cable from to the PC, see if the printer now online. If there is an error message after plug the USB port, use another USB port on your PC and check if the printer become online.

2. Check printer spooler

Print spooler is a system that temporary store your print job before the printer ready to print. Without printer spooler working correctly, the printer will not print.
To check if print spooler started, in the command prompt type net start and press enter it will show you list of services that currently running on the PC. You should see print spooler, if not then your print service is having trouble, please read following article to troubleshoot print spooler service: Why Print Spooler Stops Working on Windows 10

3. Check the newly added software

Some software maybe conflicted with your printer driver, If you just installed a new software, try to uninstall it first and see if the printer back online after software uninstallation.

4. Update printer driver for windows 10

When printer connectivity ok, print spooler ok, you need to check the printer driver. First remove your printer driver, then restart your PC (this is important as without restarting the computer after uninstalling driver will not solve the problem when you re-installing printer driver). After restarted re-install the printer driver. See if it online this time. Check your printer manufacturer website’s and see if they have newer printer driver.

5. Run the printer driver in compatibility mode

Installing the printer driver in compatibility mode is easy, right click the setup file, click properties, click tab compatibility put check mark on Run this program in Compatibility mode and choose the operating system you want Windows 10 to emulate and install the driver. By choosing this although your operating system is Windows 10, the driver will regard it as other operating system, like windows 7, or Windows 8/8.1
I hope this posting will help you to resolve the problem printer offline in Windows 10 see on the other posting.

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