Top 7 Security Application (not Antivirus) for iPhone and iPad Users

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Why security software and not antivirus? Is iPhone and iPad immune to viruses?

Actually iPhone and iPad itself by default already secure from Virus, why is that? Because Apple not allow user to install application outside their Apple store, maybe we can say that the antivirus itself is the Apple system.

Security Application For Iphone


Is there any way around we can install an apps outside Appstore?

Yes you can but it need you to jailbreak the system, jailbreaking means you can access the system with administrative privilege allowing you do what you cannot before. Remember by doing this will void warranty and Apple will not responsible if your iPhone or iPad broken because of this.

For an apps to be included in Apple store, it will screened by Apple first, if the code contain malicious code then it will not be released in Appstore. By doing this they make sure all apps in Appstore is safe to use by their users. You will not see Antivirus application but you will see a lot of security application for iPhone and iPad which created by Antivirus company (security company).

Because some people already know that the company is the same company who created antivirus software in windows system, they will consider it as antivirus software, but they are not.
Those companies usually created a software to find their iPhone if user lost it and to protect sensitive data in the phone. They are not mentioned about antivirus at all.

Below are my top 7 security softwares for iPhone and iPad that you can find in Appstore:

1. McAfee Mobile Security

mcafee antivirus for iphone 6 - Security Application For Iphone

One of the biggest security company in the world McAfee releasing security program in Appstore and in the tag line they said “Private Photo Vault, Backup, Mobile Security and Locate Device” I do not see any word about antivirus, although McAfee is the company that strongly related to the Antivirus software.
You can check their security application here

2. Lookout

antivirus for iphone6 - Security Application For Iphone

Lookout – Security, Backup and Missing Device. What I like from lookout is, it will send last iPhone location before the battery runout. We can log into lookout website and check our iPhone location, make a loud alarm sound if the device nearby, or display customs lost message with our details so we hope it will return faster. Access contacts on iPhone and make backup. Call from web to our phone if we don’t have another number. For better protection you can upgrade to premium version with fee USD 2.99/month or USD 29.99 /year.

3. Norton Mobile Security

norton antivirus for iphone review - Security Application For Iphone

Norton Mobile Security – Lost Phone Finder
This security application will find your lost iPhone, saves location of your iPhone when battery low, trigger alarm sound so you can find it, Backup contact in it, make a phone call from web. Norton before finally acquired by Symantec already focusing themselves in security business since 1982. This is good company with good products.

4. Avast SecureLine VPN

best antivirus for iphone 6 - Security Application For Iphone

Avast SecureLine VPN will make your internet communication secured via their VPN network. This means you will hide your true identity, you can watch and run US portal based from any location. Another advantage if you are using VPN when travelling, usually some finance institution like banks will refuse if you connect from different country, by using Avast secureLine VPN, you can pretend to be in your location by selecting VPN server located in your home country. USD 2.99 per month or USD19.99 per year.!-secureline-vpn-wifi/id793096595?ign-mpt=uo%3D8

5. Avira Mobile Security

avira antivirus on iphone - Security Application For Iphone

The function is about the same with above security application like recover lost phone, trigger alarm on your lost phone, and make a call to your lost phone. In additions the software will check your contact address and checking if their email address are safe. This apps will also check your email whether it already hijacked or not. I personally love using products from Avira and using it for years. They are simple, light, and effective.

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6. Family Protector Admin (by Intego)

do i need antivirus for iphone 5 - Security Application For Iphone

Family Protector Admin – Parental Controls by Intego will help you controlling children behavior when playing with the internet by restricting device usage on meal time. Ask your child to call you by freezing the device and showing message to call you, so they will not ignore you when you want them to call you. It can be programmed to restrict certain application to run, restrict certain application to install, and prevent your child from buy unnecessary application without your permission. I know that a child can cost their parent thousands of dollar just because they playing around with iPad by downloading and installing program from App store without supervision or parental control software like this one. So beside protecting your child from dangerous website, this also protecting you from paying huge bill from Apple.

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7. Kaspersky Safe Browser

good antivirus for iphone 6 - Security Application For Iphone

Kaspersky Safe Browser: Fast & Free will block bad website that trying to steal your sensitive information. Their cloud will analyze whether the link will jeopardize or system or not. Block unwanted specific website categories. Visit link below to install the application.

VPN connection for safer connection to internet - Security Application For Iphone

Although iPhone and iPad considering secure because all application are approved by Apple before launch to public, some security company provide additional security protection to keep your data safe, finding your iphone when lost, protecting your contact list, trigger loud alarm sound and controlling your devices remotely. With all this features we had maximize it’s capability.

After read this article I hope you now understand why there is no Antivirus software in Appstore and the reason behind it. The top 7 security applications for iPhone and iPad above are my personal selection to help protect your iPhone security system. Looking for top antivirus for windows 10? Please read our other articles on product review categories.

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