Top 15 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Increase Your Productivity

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There are times that we can do something faster by using keyboard shortcuts instead of using mouse button when working with Windows 7. The other reason why we want to use windows shortcut is because we have problem with the mouse so we cannot use it.

There is an option in windows to move keyboard using numerical keypad without mouse. To use this feature, we have to use keyboard with numeric keypad. Click start, control panel, ease of access center, click make the mouse easier to use. On the option control the mouse with the keyboard, tick turn on mouse keys

Below are my top 15 windows keyboard shortcuts that will increase your productivity.

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Press windows key

This is the same with pressing Start button. You can then use your arrow keys to move among menu.

2. Alt + Enter

To open properties on the item we already highlighted, this is the same with right click item and click properties when using mouse.

3. Press Alt +Tab several times

This will move among active programs.

4. Windows key + D

Open desktop. This is very useful if you open many windows and want to go back to desktop, you don’t need to minimize all windows one by one, just press this key combination.

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5. Shift + Delete

This will delete selected item without going to recycle bin first. Use this if you are sure want to delete the item. If not just press delete key so the item will go to recycled bin first.

These keys combination will be useful when you are working with spreadsheet, word processor, and other programs:

6. Ctrl + A

Select all

7. Ctrl + C

Copy selected item to memory

8. Ctrl +V

Paste selected item from memory

9. Ctrl + S

Save the file

10. Ctrl + P

Print document

11. Ctrl + Z

Undo an action

12. Ctrl + Y

Redo an action

13. Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Open task manager, this is very helpful to me.

task manager shortcut keys - Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

14. Press Shift while inserting CD

Prevent CD from automatic playing.

15. ALT + F4 

Close current active program, or to shutdown the computer.

OK that is the shortcut keyboard key I heavily use when working with computer, if you need more keyboard shortcut for windows, please refer to this page from Microsoft

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