Teamviewer VPN Setup an Easy Way to Access Remote Files

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Before  we are talking about Teamviewer VPN we need to know some on the terms used in this posting so you will understand better on what we are discussing.

What is VPN

Virtual Private Network(VPN) is a secure connection that using internet as a medium. Imagine if you don’t have internet but want to make a network between/among different cities or countries. You will need to build your own network among those places, this will very expensive.

When using VPN, each party only need to connect to the internet and VPN will create a tunnel on top of the internet so the communication will keep secure although using public network (Internet). By doing this you will get secure private network less expensive, thanks to the Internet.
We will need to provides VPN infrastructure, still this is cheaper choice compare to build our own network without the Internet.

Teamviewer VPN Setup

What is Teamviewer

Teamviewer is a software that can be used to remote control other computer, create VPN link between computer, remote printing, presentation and other that make our job easier. Teamviewer can be downloaded free for personal and home use you can be download it here. Teamviewer can running under Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS,Windows App, and Blackberry.

Teamviewer with their infrastructure provides VPN connection that we can use to create secure VPN communication between computer. Teamviewer is one of the best remote desktop/control software, very easy to use, easy setup and high performance. Using Teamviewer behind firewall/proxy I never failed to connect, it always working, we just need to adjust the little option on the network section.

teamviewer VPN - Teamviewer VPN Setup

Teamviewer can be used as remote support software or as a VPN server/system, what is the difference between them? See below my explanation.

Teamviewer as remote support tool (just like we are in front of the computer)

I have been using teamviewer mostly for remote support. As long as the computer which we want to control (target computer) connected to the internet and running Teamviewer we can remote control them of course after we know their teamviewer ID and password. This mean we can move the cursor, execute program on remote computer just like we physically in front of the computer. Teamviewer made a good system, even with system behind firewall/proxy we can connect to the target system smoothly, which on other system this is sometimes does not work.

Teamviewer as VPN system (just like we are connect to target computer via LAN)

When we configure Teamviewer as VPN it act bit differently, imagine as we connected to the target computer via LAN. We can access their files using Teamviewer configured as VPN as long as they share and give permission to us. Exactly the same when we access files from the server in our LAN.

When we need teamviewer VPN

If you need to access files/resource on the remote computer without copying first to your computer, just like when you are working in your LAN’s office.

Teamviewer VPN is one of the easiest and powerful function but seems not many people using it compared to people use Teamviewer as remote desktop tool. In this post I will show you how we can setup VPN using only Teamviewer software it has good performance and easy to use:

  1. After you download the software from, run the file make sure you select option Show advance settings

teamviewer vpn - Teamviewer VPN Setup

2. Select Use teamviewer option

teamviewer vpn android - Teamviewer VPN Setup

3. On setup unattended access click next button

unattended access - Teamviewer VPN Setup

4. Enter new password

This password will be use when someone try to login to this computer

3 unattended access - Teamviewer VPN Setup

5. Select whether you want associate the computer with your teamviwer account.

In this demo I don’t want to create teamviewer account

5 unattended access - Teamviewer VPN Setup

6. Teamviewer ID

This is will be asked when you want to access this computer remotely, keep this safe.

6 unattended access - Teamviewer VPN Setup

7. From other computer that run teamviewer enter partner ID that you want  to access via VPN

connect to VPN server - Teamviewer VPN Setup

8. Connected to VPN

After connected, you can share files via explorer

8 VPN start - Teamviewer VPN Setup

9. Enter username and password as when you connected to the LAN

9 file explorer - Teamviewer VPN Setup

10. Status in the partner computer.

10 vpn1 - Teamviewer VPN Setup



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