TCL 32-S3800 720-p 60-Hz Roku Smart LED TV Review

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TCL 32s3800 review – The TCL 32-S3800 720-p 60-Hz Roku Smart LED TV can be a good reference for anyone who is still confused on choosing an LED TV. That is a good idea for anyone who is still hunting a right choice of TV set, especially an LED TV.

This can be so frustrating since we often could not find the best choice on dealing with the TV which we choose because we have the lack information about that, as like about the features and technology. It is a good idea for us to find the ideas about the TV set which is available in various choices. That is such a good point for you to consider.

What is TCL Roku TV?

TCL Roku TV is a smart TV where you can choose over 2000 streaming channels for your outstanding  entertainment experience. Some says that TCL Roku TV is better than Roku player itself. Roku player needed to make your not smart TV become a smart TV, with TCL S3800 Roku Smart LED TV series you have a smart LED TV bundled with all Roku features. TCL 3800 Series TV come in TCL 32S3800 32 inch, TCL 40FS3800 40 inch, and TCL 50FS3800 50 inch wide. TCL Roku smart TV prices are range from USD 179 to USD 439.

There are so many choices of the LED TV products which are available in various choices in various brands, technology, features, and even the quality images and sound. That is such an important thing to consider about that. You can simply notice it by dealing with the reviews. That is also for this LED TV from TCL which might also be one of the options that you list on your wish list.

This is a type of smart TV that is suitable for anyone who wants the LED TV which such the great technology for your simplicity on dealing with any duties. This 32 inch LED TV can be one of the ideas for you but for this series if you feel that it is quiet small, you can choose another bigger size ones, as like the 40 inch and 50 inch ones. That depends on your need then, but noticing its specs will be a good idea to do first.

TCL 32-S3800 Review

Features of TCL 32-S3800 Roku Smart LED TV

There are some notable features which we need to know about the TCL 32-S3800 720-p 60-Hz Roku Smart LED TV. This TCL smart TV also offers the feature of Roku TV as the platform of TV streaming. That is one of its smart functionalities that can be enjoyed in simple way.

For the display screen, it uses a 720-p 60-Hz LED. That offers the quality images for your satisfaction on watching movies. For the connectivity, it offers a Wi-Fi connection which is built in. This LED TV also offers a bunch of simplicity even though it is a type of smart TV.

Using this TV, users can enjoy a lot of channels of streaming that will be great for a lot of programs and movies, as like for news, sports, kids, music, and many others. Those are really great to be considered if we are really in need of the limitless entertainment only from your LED TV. This TCL Roku TV is recommended by Netflix, it means this TV have a good performance, easier access to apps and new features for smart TV.

TCL 32-S3800 Netflix recommended TV

TCL TV Review Users Feedbacks

There are so many people who already used this product of the TCL LED TV. This product gets about 4.3 stars out of five that is quite great for a TV product. Many of the users said that is the TV which has the great interface and clear screen. That offers the great images as well which offers a satisfaction on enjoying the movies.

The Roku feature also works really well and it is said that this feature is more satisfying and recommended than the device of Roku. That is a good point to consider on getting an overview about this smart TV. The entertainments are truly limitless with the wide ranges of choices for what we might be interested in.

If you love gaming with your TV, it also offers a good performance for you. The design of this LED TV is totally great with its light of the weight and the design is quite slim which would not look that too much to your room. That is a good point you need to notice if you really care about your room look, tidiness, and something else there. This 32 Roku Smart TV is a good point to notice then. This end up my TCL 32s3800 review.

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