Syma X5C Explorers Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera Review

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Syma X5C Review – Syma X5C Explorers is a flying camera which is very practical and enjoyable. This product has a feature that is fantastic. This camera can be used in the world of professional. This product is designed with a better quality with a design that is more refined and more sophisticated.

Syma X5C Explorers can also be used indoors. This product has an excellent camera quality. This product has a more agile movement and is very stable. This product is more responsive.

Syma X5C Explorers Quadcopter Drone

Product Specification

Syma X5c Explorers Quadcopter has interesting specifications it’s equipped with a high quality camera with 2GB micro SD. This product can be flipped by pressing 360 degrees and resistant to strong winds. It also can be used anywhere indoor and outdoor.

Syma X5c quadcopter has a system of 6-axis Gyro stability that makes this product can fly with maximum stability. This product can fly for 7 minutes. This product needs to discharge during 100 minutes. This product is equipped circuitry English. These products require batteries. This product has a warranty in case of damage or defects.

Syma X5c drone comes with a remote control. Model of this product is very easy to assemble and fly these products can be moved at a position 360 degrees. This product is equipped with the right hand throttle modes that can be replaced with a transmitter. This product consists of several features.

Features of this product is a remote control, USB charging cable, rotating blade, protection frame, screwdriver, landing kids, Lipo battery. This product is completed with user manual.  The equipment does not include micro SD and micro usb reader.

Syma X5c Explorers Quadcopter Drone Video

Product Price

You can buy Syma X5c Explorers Quadcopter at affordable prices. The price of this product is only about $ 60.00.

Product Excellence

This product is very comfortable to use and available in several attractive colors. The movement is very flexible products that make these products are favored by many people.

You can assemble this product by looking at the instruction book that is easy to understand. Camera with high quality can make you look good picture quality. You can also see objects clearly from the camera. The resulting video of the tool is also of high quality.

A sophisticated camera allows this product to fly higher and farther. The product also minimizes the presence of other disorders such as wind. This product has a beautiful design and ergonomic. This end up my Syma X5C review.

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