What’s So Special About Panasonic PTAE8000U 1080p Full HD Projector- a Review

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Great Viewing Experience with Panasonic PTA8000U (2012 Model) –

There are a variety of ways to spend free time and have fun. One of those ways is watching movies or videos with a home theater set. When it comes to the home theater set, there is a need to choose the real good projector amongst the many options. Panasonic PTA8000U (2012 Model) can be considered as one of the good projectors for home theater. This one projector that seems to be very simple will be able to deliver great performance to those who wish to get great entertainment through the pleasant quality of projected videos or images.

Panasonic PTAE8000U Review

Checking the Key Features of Panasonic PTA8000U (2012 Model)

Let’s check the key features of this one projector by Panasonic. The first thing that will be noticed by a lot of people is the 3D capability of the projector. It cannot be denied that there are more and more people who enjoy watching 3D movies. Thus Panasonic PTA8000U (2012 Model) becomes a popular option to be considered. Users of the projector will be able to customize the viewing experience of viewing thanks to the 3D Picture Balance as well as 3D Viewing Monitor and other 3D related features.

This capability of 3D is followed by the excellent full HD projection through full HD optimized lens. The lens will project high definition pictures of 1080 pixels for the utmost enjoyment while using the projector. In watching movies from Blu-ray, Panasonic PTA8000U (2012 Model) will automatically detect and then switches focus position as well as switches the lens. This is a very useful thing because Blu-ray movies come in a variety of widths. The lens itself is one with wide range of lens shift and capable of 2X zoom. It supports great performance of 500,000:1 contrast ratio, increased red intensity with 220W Red Rich Lamp and brightness rating of 2,400 lumens.

Easy Installation and Customization in Panasonic PTA8000U (2012 Model)

Panasonic PTA8000U (2012 Model) is easy to be installed and it’s also quite flexible in its installation. The projector can be easily installed on the ceilings or even mounted on the walls. The projector can be installed as close as 11.8 feet or even being installed as far as 23.6 feet away. Users will be able to adjust the projector with approximately 26% horizontal adjustment as well as the vertical adjustment of approximately 100%. Feel free to adjust the projector until the most ideal projection is found. This projector is equipped with three HDMI input terminals as well as the two 12 triggers for the automation of home theater.

Pros and Cons

What are the good and even bad things about this particular projector by Panasonic? Let’s check the good things first. Panasonic PTA8000U (2012 Model) truly delivers excellent quality and bring the real great viewing experience to the people who use it. Despite being a great projector, buyers need to be careful when purchasing the projector. Purchase the projector only from authorized sellers. Some people might expect to get 3D glasses along with the projector. Unfortunately, 3D gasses must be purchased separately.


Panasonic PTA8000U (2012 Model) might be a considerably older model of 3D projector. However, it is not something can be considered as outdated yet. It is a great projector capable of providing of great HD viewing experience to the users of it. It has great features those support great performance at the satisfying level. The flexibility and easiness in installing the projector adds another positive point to the projector. The features within the projector allow great and further customization that will allow users to find the settings they like the most.

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