Solved: Cannot Read PDF File From Internet Explorer Version 11

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Acrobat Reader 11.0.10 cannot read PDF file in IE 11

We cannot read PDF file within Internet Explorer 11 but can read PDF file normally outside IE. This has become problem because our buyer using specific application that open PDF directly from the web. The user uploads the PDF file into the system and they can straight away see the result after successful upload.

Last week everything was fine, user can open PDF file within the application, so this just happen today/this week so we assume that no changes between this period.

cannot open PDF file on internet explorer

Our Internet Explorer version:

Our IE version is 11.0.9600.18314C0
Update Versions: 11.0.31 (KB3154070)
Product ID: 00150-20000-00003-AA459

Internet explorer version

Our Acrobat reader version:

Version 11.0.10

acrobat reader 11.0.10

After asking support for assistance they were not helping much. Googling the Internet was also still not found the right answer, I decided to check the last version of Acrobat reader and found 11.0.16 is the latest while I was using 11.0.10

Updating Adobe Acrobat Reader XI

My adobe reader version was without option to updates online or check for updates… option as below picture. So what I did is to find offline updater and I found it here:

The file size is about 43MB.

acrobat reader no option to updates

If your adobe reader has option to Check for Updates then you can directly click the link to update online, need sometimes for downloading and installing.

updates acrobat reader option

After updating it asking to restart your computer, just restart your computer. Make sure that the version is 11.0.16 after restart as below picture:

acrobat reader version 11.0.16

After updating Acrobat reader to 11.0.16 I check that the problem now has gone. User can see the PDF file from application.

So from “cannot read PDF file from Internet Explorer” problem we can learn that the version of software can change without we realize. This was possible if we set Adobe acrobat to automatically updates.

How to make adobe reader not updates automatically?

While acrobat reader opened, click Edit>Preferences…

We can choose to not to install the update to avoid problem like above by choosing:

Do not download or install updates automatically.

The other options are:

Automatically install updates
Automatically download updates, but let me choose when to install them
Notify me, but let me choose when to download and install updates.

don't choose automatic updates

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