Sirius XM Satellite Radio SXPL1V1 Onyx Plus with Vehicle Kit Review

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About Onyx Plus

If you are a fan of Sirius XM satellite radio and want to enjoy the programs in your car, Onyx Plus with Vehicle Kit is the best thing you can get. With this radio system, you can have an interesting experience listening to your favorite music and even the weather report on the go. You can easily connect it to your existing car stereo or set up a new one with simple kit from this product. With full color screen and customizable favorite channel, this product will give a brand new way to listen to satellite radio.

Sirius XM Satellite Radio

Best Features

This small thing comes with a lot of features. The best feature goes to the music alert system. The radio will notify you when your favorite music, artist or song is going to be played in another channel.

You can also freely repeat your favorite song with the playback feature. Either it is a news you want to hear again or you can’t get enough of a singer’s voice, just push the playback as you like. You can rewind or replay the radio program until up to 30 minutes.

If you are worry that your children will hear something they shouldn’t, the content unlock feature will be useful for you. You cannot control what is being played on the radio, but you can control whether you want to lock or unlock it.

It still has long list of good features. You can make a playlist of your favorite channel, browse the radio while listening to the current one, and even start a song all over again. All of these, you can get from one Onyx Plus radio system.

What you Can Get

You will get all the things you need to enable you to listen to satellite radio in your car.. Besides the radio, you will also get the vehicle dock to put the radio in your car. All the necessary tools like adapter and antenna are also included. You even will get aux in cable to be connected to your existing radio system in your car. If you want to use this radio in other places, you can buy the optional accessories separately. You can also subscribe for more channels that doesn’t included in the standard package from the Sirius XM Website.

Overall, Onyx Plus with Vehicle Kit is a good product for those wanting to enjoy satellite radio in their car. The fan of satellite radio must buy this product this instant. It is a great entertainment system that comes with plenty of simplicity and most importantly, the price is affordable too.

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