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ShowMe is a program created for our factory to replace Wavelink ( a program for our scanning system). There is some pros and cons comparing with Telnet. Showme is running on the Internet explorer on scanner using Java, sometime the Java just circling around and never finish. On the other side, showme give more descriptive error message compared to Wavelink because Showme directly using our database program JDE. Below are some issue we may found and how to deal with it.

  1. No Beep when scan

Rebuild Showme installer. When install don’t follow default setting (by pressing Enter key on each question), you have to type in manually, this will record your answer to their installation files.

Enable beeper?: Y

Beeper volume: 3

Beeper tone: 3000

Beeper duration: 100

ShowMe Troubleshooting

After answering all the questions, the program will create a folder called Output, this folder need to be copied to the  Scanner (in Application folder) so we can run setup.exe from there.

2. Username cannot login on certain scanners

Make sure re-install ShowMe version 1.04 with same procedure as no 1

3. Scanner cannot scan particular type of barcode

One of our buyer is have a special barcode type that our scanner cannot read it. Again this can be resolved by installing showme version 1.04

HandM - ShowMe Troubleshooting

The barcode format is ITF or Interleave Two of Five, on Datawedge you can find as I2OF5.

Make sure on Datawedge you choose I2OF5 as one of your format. From your profile, choose 4. Input>1. Scanner>1. 1D Scanner Driver>2.Decoders> If you are using ShowMe version 1.04 you don’t have to check this, it’s already there.
H&M Barcode - ShowMe Troubleshooting

ITF barcode format - ShowMe Troubleshooting


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