Setup Polycom VVX 201 to be Used with Skype for Business Account

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Polycom VVX 201 comes with simple start up guide which for me it’s not much help. It only explains how to assembly the phone for desktop or hanging it on the wall and the content of the package.

Inside the box you will find main unit, handset, UTP cable and mounting. It doesn’t come with power supply. You will need to buy separate 12 V 0.25A power supply or PoE power injector that comply with IEEE802.3af standard. We have several Motorola power injector and we use it for the Phone and it works great, so only 1 Ethernet cable going to the phone.

Setup Polycom VVX 201
We have office 365 E3 subscription and would like to use Skype for business (Part off office365 application) on Polycom VVX 201.

Here how we setup Polycom VVX 201 to be used with Skype for Business as part of office365 E3 Subscription:
1. Connect the phone to the network
2. Activate web server on the phone so we can configure the phone via web.
3. Update the software to the last version before the latest, we avoid the latest version as it usually still in beta phase.
4. Change the IP address to static IP address
5. Login to Skype for business from web and create unlock PIN

Polycom VVX 201 operational

Because we login into the phone using Skype for Business ID, everything we have in the Skype for Business replicated to the phone perfectly. Contacts, group of contacts, calendar, appointment are in the phone too. You will see reminder of your next event in the phone too, this is cool.

Login to the phone

This part I don’t really like because I have to enter my email address as sign in username twice and the password. On my previous Cisco Phone 7940G, I only need to enter 2 digits for username and 4 digits PIN to log in. Now I have to key in 26 characters (email address) and 7 characters for the password.

Luckily we can login from the web interface. Login to your phone from internet browser and you can type the email address and password much easier. The username and password will be saved into the phone, so when you turn off the phone and turn back on it will try to login using previous login ID. However, when you logout from the phone intentionally you will need to key in your email address and password again to login.

After your first time login, you will be asked to create a lock PIN, this is 6 to 15 numbers of your choice, the phone will lock itself after 5-15 minutes idle, and you will need this PIN to unlock it.

Quality of call

The voice is very clear and perfectly omit noises around us, so even in crowded room your voice will still be heard crystal clear by your partner.
During my test I never experience any call drop. When I spoke to my colleague in the UK and I am from Indonesia I feel spoke with him in the same room or maybe better. Just like today camera phone, the picture is much better than it’s original ha ha…

Phone key layout

The keys on the phone is quite intuitive except one key, the mute key. There is one red button to mute the microphone. Somehow I always think that this is the loudspeaker button, so when I want to using speaker phone I always press this red button, and it make my voice cannot be heard by my party. Ha ha silly me…

xxv 201 key layout - Setup Polycom VVX 201
That’s it for my short review and how to setup Polycom VVX201 to be used with Skype for Business account. I hope this will be useful to you.

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