How to Setup Email Notification Sounds on Android Phone

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With today’s flood of information coming to your phone. You need unique notifications of what is coming, is it email to our company’s mailbox, is it email coming to our gmail mailbox or is it text message coming. With default setting we receive all notification with same sound and for us this is not good enough. We want to know what is coming to my phone so i can react accordingly.

Below is how to setup various notification sound based on android 4.4.4 (Kitkat) and Xiaomi Redmi 2. It may slightly different with yours but the principle will be the same.

1. Setting email notification on android, usually your company email

Tools, Mail, click arrow before inbox, click settings, under Accounts click your email name, you will see another setting there, scroll down, under notifications settings you can click choose ringtone, and click the sound you want.

setup email notification setting
email notifications setting

2. Setting gmail notification on android

Click Gmail, click menu icon next to Primary, click settings, click your gmail account, click inbox sound & vibrate, click sound, click Music on complete action using, click your sound, and click OK.

setup gmail notification soundgmail notification sound

3. Setting text message notifications from android

Click settings, click sound, scroll down under CALL RINGTONE & VIBRATE, click message received, again click message received, select you tone, if you cannot find the one you want, click browse and clik Music. choose the sound clip you want and click OK.

text message notification

You can record your own voice on recorder from your phone or you can download already done wav file for email notification from following sites:

After you download wav files from above sites, or when you decide to record your own voice, you find it under Music, but if you cannot find it there is a chance it filtered out by you music setting. Make sure to turn off by size and by length filter and you will see downloaded file as selection.

filtering music

4. Setting notification light on android phone

Sometimes you need visual notifications on the phone. So you know when there is email, text message or missed call when the phone is idle, by looking to what color is the indicator. Click settings, click additional settings, scroll down click notification light, there you can choose Notifications for, Calls light color, Messages light color. The color options are: blue, red, yellow, green, cyan, white, violet.

notification light

5. Setting up light notification on whatsapp

To set light notification on whatsapp, on WA screen, touch the 3 dot (more icon) on top right screen.

more icon

touch notification

pick the colour

OK this wrap up my posting about How To Setup Email Notification Sounds on Android Phone, hope this helpful for you.

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