How To Save Video From Facebook Without Program

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Facebook with millions of users coming from around the world everyday has become one of the best media to exchange information almost about anything.

There are a lot of good videos with great information that we want to save it for re-play on our computer or smartphone. Unfortunately we cannot save it from Facebook directly. Yes we can save the link post which is great but still we need to login to Facebook to see it. All I want to do is to play my favorite videos offline without internet connection and without login to Facebook.

save video from facebook

Save Video From Facebook Using Internet Browser Add on

There are many internet browser add on or extension that can help you save the video on Facebook but sometimes it does not work on certain video. It only save empty video file.

Save Video From Facebook Using a Program

Using program to save video on Facebook or YouTube is the one that I always avoid, besides I need to install it first on computer, the program usually contains many ads that annoying us.

Save Video From Facebook without any program

This is my favorite way to save video from almost any source, Facebook, YouTube and any site that has video. Just visit, insert the link of video and press enter key. You will shortly download the video you want.

Save Video From Facebook without program

I never failed download videos using this website It always amaze me how easy to save the videos from my favorite websites, while using other ways is more complex and sometimes failed.

No program to install, no bugging ads, no internet browser plugin only visit savefrom net and you will get the video you want to play it offline from your computer. Savefrom net also provides add on to be installed on our internet browser but I never installed it. I am satisfied to save video only by visiting the website (

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