SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB SATA – an SSD Review

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120GB SSD Review – I have a DELL Inspiron 1464 that now become incredibly slow. I am not sure whether by replacing with SSD my problem will gone. While I am consider this option, suddenly I stumble to an ad that announcing 50% discount for 120GB SSD. I ordered the SSD online and received it the next day.

SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB SATA – SDSSDA-120G[/easyazon_link]- Black, the price is Rp. 556,800 about USD 42.8 this is the cheapest price I found online.

Sandisk SSD Plus review

Easy to install for SSD but quite difficult to open the laptop’s case. Unfortunately my Dell Inspiron 1464 model was not easy to replace HDD because I have to remove all screws on it’s body , remove keyboard etc.. I suggest you to watch youtube video first before disassemble the laptop or give it to someone more experience to open the laptop. This is not the same for every laptop, many of them (HP particularly) are easy to open RAM or hard drive.

Performance, I found the boot time  decrease significan, means faster. Unfortunately I was not timing it before I replaced HDD with SSD. When using hard disk I usually turn on the laptop, make a cup of coffee and return, the windows desktop already open but HDD lamp still busy. After using SSD I don’t have time to make coffee after turn on the laptop because it already ready several seconds after I turn it on.

Software support, SanDisk giveaway software call SanDisk SSD dashboard to maintain SSD peak performance, update BIOS etc. However they don’t give imaging software to back up current HDD content and restore it onto SSD.

Product registration, product registration is easy and fast you can do here

Steps to install:

  1. Create image of partition you want to be restored to the SSD, in my case I save this image to USB external disk. I was using software Reflect from Macrium
  2. Create Win PE disk, a bootable media using the same software Reflect from Macrium. This can be a DVD disc or USB external drive. I was using the same USB external disk to store images and Boot disk.
  3. Replace HDD with SSD, this is the most challenging part because replacing harddisk on laptop DELL Inspiron 1464 is difficult, we have to remove all screws and open keyboard.
  4. Boot the laptop and by pressing F12 key so I can choose to boot from external USB disk instead from HDD/SSD
  5. Restored the image from USB external harddisk to SSD.
  6. If you found that remain SSD space is less than it should be, check with disk manager if there is unpartitioned space on your SSD. If you have, use partition manager from easeus to extend your current partition to the fullest.
  7. Finish, now you can work faster with SSD.

Tools required:

  • Philips screwdriver
  • External USB disk
  • Backup software (All free):
  • Macrium Reflect software
  • Easus Partition Manager software

Conclusion for SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB SATA:

I highly recommended to replace current HDD to any SSD to get some benefits with SSD including fast startup, lower power consumption which will make battery life longer, shock resistance data, less weight for laptop. I choose Sandisk SSD for it’s price and reliability.

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