Samsung UN85HU8550 85-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV Review

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Samsung un85hu8550 review – Samsung’s HU8550 television is the company’s top-tier flat LED TV model. Above the HU8550-series model is the HU9000 model, which already uses curved screen. Considering that the difference in quality between flat screen and curved screen is not as significant as their difference in price, buying a flat LED TV is still considered the most cost-effective way to have a high-end TV. Among all variants of this model, UN85HU8550 with its 85-inch UHD screen is the largest. For home theater enthusiasts who wish to have Samsung’s largest and best flat LED TV, there is no model to buy that is better than UN85HU8550.


The design of UN85HU8550 LED TV is similar to other models in the series. It has almost borderless screen, it is very thin, and its T-shape stand is sleek and sturdy.

Its screen is the largest of all models in the HU8550 series, making it the best of all Samsung’s flat LED TVs. From its front, it appears like a giant. From its sides, however, with panel that is only 3.5-centimeter thin, it appears so slim that you only need to make a small pinch with your fingers to measure its thickness. With its gigantic screen and ultra-slim panel, it is obviously the best TV with the best dimension.

The T-shape stand is so petite and low-profile that the panel appears to float and levitate on the tabletop. Despite its tiny design, the stand is sturdy and stable enough to bear the weight of the gigantic panel. The only weakness of the stand is that it doesn’t swivel.

Samsung un85hu8550 Picture Quality

The quality of the image appearing on the screen is beyond question. Blacks appear very dark and deep whereas whites appear very bright and real. Other colors in the spectrum are handled so perfectly they appear not only true, but also natural and visually soothing. The super big screen with its 4K quality guarantees that no detail of the picture will be missing.

The TV handles 3D playback well with its active 3D technology that is enhanced with AutoMotion Plus technology. 4 pairs of 3D glasses are included, allowing the entire family to enjoy the excitement of watching 3D movies. When connected to game consoles that support 3D display, couch co-op games will feel so enjoyable and immersive.

The big TV screen also means that the picture will remain clear even if the screen area is divided (the screen can be divided into four viewing areas). If you want to watch a soccer match on one area of the screen while searching the web for current standings in another area, you can view both screen areas without significant degradation in quality.

Smart Features of Samsung 85 Inch 8550

Just like other HU8550 models, the UN85HU8550 model also includes a remote control with touchpad mechanism. It also offers voice and gesture control using microphone and camera; however, although the microphone is available as a built-in component, the camera must be purchased separately.

Connectivity is another major smart feature that is worthy of mention. With 4 HDMI 2.0 slots and 3 USB inputs, it can connect with almost all audio-video sources that use cable. It also supports wireless connection with smartphones and tablets. It can display everything that is displayed on the connected mobile devices and it can also stream everything on the screen to the devices’ screen. Therefore, if you want to watch television at your room, you simply need to connect your smartphone wirelessly to your TV and you can watch your favorite TV programs right on your smartphone. It is simply like carrying your own television in your palm. Great, isn’t it? Newer model of this TV is Samsung UN88JS9500.

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