Samsung UN75HU8550 75-Inch 4K LED TV Review

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Of all Samsung’s flat TV models, its HU8550 models are on the top position. Above them, you will only find TV models with curved screen. If you are looking for a gigantic smart 4K TV with flat screen made by Samsung, you will ultimately have to pick one of these models.

After all, given that there is not very significant difference between a flat TV and a curved TV, you may not yet be interested in buying a curved TV as long as your flat TV is a 4K model. UN75HU8550 is Samsung’s HU8550 model with 75-inch screen that guarantees your enjoyment when watching TV and movies, playing games, and using its smart features.

Samsung UN75HU8550 Design

There are many reasons to call Samsung’s UN75HU8550 a top tier TV with top tier design and appearance. Its large 75-inch screen makes even the tiniest object on the screen look clear.

This might not be very obvious if the image comes from a non-4K source, but once you connect a 4K video source to this television, you will certainly see the obvious difference. The screen is almost borderless, which is typical of a top-of-the-line television.

Another great thing about its design is its ultra slim panel. The panel is only 3.5-centimeter thin and its bezel is only 0.75 centimeters. Its ultra-large screen doesn’t make it a bulky model, thanks to its thinness.

In this model, Samsung also introduces the new improved stand, which is called “T-shape” stand. Although appearing small, the stand is sturdy and stable enough to support the large TV panel.

Samsung UN75HU8550 Picture Quality

Picture quality is an important matter when it comes to LED TV. Although the development of 4K technology is still in early stage, Samsung UN75HU8550 tries to make itself a futureproof model in terms of 4K technology implementation.

It includes 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs and the One Connect box (which is sold separately) that guarantee that the television can deal with 4K playback excellently today and for years to come.

Picture on the television screen looks crisp and clear. Both blacks and whites appear true and deep and any colors between both ends of the spectrum are handled excellently. The image hardly appears washed out and everything that you see on the screen will be everything that you will see on the real world.

Viewing content in 3D will be exciting, thanks to the active 3D enhanced by AutoMotion Plus technology that is implemented in this model.

One weakness associated to its picture quality is its viewing angle. When viewing from off center, experienced eyes will notice color fading, though the fading is so subtle that inexperienced eyes hardly regard it as a problem.

Viewing angle causes problem especially when playing content in 3D as this weakness causes the 3D scene to be less immersive.

Samsung UN75HU8550 Smart Features

This smart TV is one of the most powerful due to its being powered with a quad-core processor. Thanks to the powerful processor, all smart features of this TV will be processed at top speed.

There are multiple fun ways to control the TV and to access its various smart functions. The dedicated remote control supports touch mechanism—a feature that is rarely found in today’s LED televisions.

There is also a microphone that allows viewers to control the television using their voice.


With 75-inch 4K flat LED screen, Samsung UN75HU8550 is a worthy high-end television set to buy. Its picture quality and smart features will hardly be disappointing and weakness related to its viewing angle is barely discernible.

If you are looking for a gigantic LED TV that suffices your needs of top-class entertainment, Samsung UN75HU8550 is a model that is worthy of consideration.

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