Samsung HT-J4100 Blu-Ray Home Theater System Review

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Samsung ht-j4100 review – Are you busy with you your daily activities? Do you feel depressed with the work that gives you a lot of pressure? Do you need a refreshing time with your family but you don’t want to waste your money? Spend your week end with your family is the best answer for all those of questions. Having quality time together in your own home can decrease your depression feeling, reduce the high blood pressure, and give you some refreshments on your head.  One of many ways to spend your quality time is by watching movies together in your family room. Having a home theater like Samsung HT J4100 Home Theater System of course can save your money rather than waste it to go to the cinema.

Since home theater is a good option for spending your time with your family, Samsung has the answer of what kind of home theater that is good for you. Samsung HT-J4100 5.1 channel 1000-watt blu-ray home theater system is the newest product from Samsung.  There are a lot of features that are provided in the product. One of them is Dolby Digital Audio. It makes the quality of the sounds to be better, softer and richer rather than the other ones. This technology is also supported by several speakers with enhanced bass. It coddles your ears for having a better experience in watching movies in your own room. Suggested speaker position for the best listening experience are below:

Front speakers:
You should place front speakers in front of your listening position, facing inwards at about 45°. Place it so the position of tweeters at about the same height with your ear. Make sure the front face of the front speakers with level with the center speaker or put slightly ahead of the center speakers.

Center Speaker:
Highly recommended to install the center speaker at the same height as the front speakers.Alternatively you can install it just over or under the Television.

Surround Speakers:
Position of these speakers are best to the side of your listening area. Alternatively, you can place these speakers so they face each other. Position them approximately 2 to 3 feet above your ear, facing bit downward.
* Not like front and center speakers, the surround speakers are used primarily for sound effects. Sound will not always heard from these speakers.

No particular position for subwoofer you can place it anywhere you like.
Each speaker has a colored label on its back or underside. Each cable has a single colored band near its end. Match the band on each cable to the speaker label by color, and then connect the cable to the speaker.

Dolby recommendation for 5.1 speaker system placement can be found here:

Another thing is a blu-ray system. It gives the comfort feeling in watching movies. The blu-ray itself gives a high-definition picture which is brighter, more clear and more colorful. What you need to do is only turn off the lamp in your family room, and enjoy the movie. It looks like you bring the cinema to your own home.

This also provides 1x center channel speaker, 2x front speakers, 2x satellite speakers, and 1x subwoofer. With those speakers, it can produce a high quality audio for your movies.

It also can be connected to your own television by using single HDMI cable (sold separately), and it can increase the picture quality of your television.

HDMI cable type

However, Samsung HT J4100 specs doesn’t include a wireless connection. It still uses a manual remote that means you only can control it through the remote. Compared to the other that uses a wireless connection, this product cannot be controlled in different room. You also cannot play music on your phones. You need to convert it to the CD then it can be played in Samsung HT-J4100.

It also means that you cannot connect it to an internet connection, so you cannot do streaming in your home theater. It can be done but through a laptop. Laptop with an internet connection can be used through a HDMI cable. Even though it is not that practice, but it still can be done.

1000-Watt Blu-Ray Home Theater System - Samsung HT-J4100

Samsung Ht-J4100 also have a USB port in front panel which means you can connect your flash disk or hard disk to the device. Refer to below table for the formats supported by Samsung HT-J4100.

File ExtensionTypeResolution
*.mpg / *.mpegVideo1920x1080
*.jpg / *.jpeg / *.jpePicture15360x8640

The main advantage of having this home theater is still a system of Dolby Digital Plus Sound. It optimizes a sound quality that is better than the other products. This home theater focuses on the quality of the sound. Thus, for those who want to have a great sound system with good quality of picture, Samsung HT-J4100 is can be the solution.

After all, for having a quality time with your family, Samsung HT-J4100 is a good answer for spending your week end times to watch come movies together. This wrap up my Samsung HT-J4100 review.

Samsung HT-J4100 video (unboxing):

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