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Samsung Gear VR Review – These days, there are so many gadgets that you can find in the market. One of the most popular new gadgets that are available on the market these days is virtual reality headset. You can find various choices of virtual reality headset that offer various different specifications and features.

As one of the leading companies in digital technology, Samsung also releases its virtual reality headset which goes with the name Samsung Gear VR. There are several great features that you can find in this gadget that you might not find in other types of VR headset.

Basic Features of Samsung Gear VR

Basically, VR headset allows you to watch movies or play games in more realistic environment by using virtual reality technology. However, the new VR headset from Samsung not only allows you to get new experiences when playing video games or watch movies but also offers you various great features as well.

With this new gadget, you can keep in touch with your friends through social media and perform other exciting activities. Samsung Gear VR provides access to thousands panoramic photos with 360 degrees feature. If you’re looking for the new experience in enjoying entertainment, this gadget is definitely the best choice for you.

Improved Design and Features

One of the most notable features that you can find in this new VR headset from Samsung is that it’s so lightweight. With this lightweight design, Samsung Gear VR will allow you to play your favorite games or watch your favorite movies in more comfortable way.

Samsung gear VR details - Samsung Gear VR Review

Other great feature that you can find in this virtual reality headset is that it has improved design so that you can wear this headset comfortably. Besides more comfortable, this VR headset is also more durable as well. The touch pad that is used in this gadget is also improved and upgraded so that you can use it easier.

Compatibility and Other Features

Excellent compatibility s also considered as one of the most notable features that you can find in this new Samsung Gear VR. Compared to other VR headsets, this new VR headset from Samsung is more compatible to more phones.

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Besides allows you to play games and watch movies in virtual reality environment, this gadget also allows you to browse photos and videos with 360 degrees technology which allows you to see the photos and videos in more realistic way. You also can purchase and play various premium games from Samsung by using this VR headset as well. You even can get connected with other games through Twitch.

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