Restoring iPhone Backup from iCloud Without Computer, Step by Step Instruction

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Yesterday my boss told me that his iPhone 6 Plus was dropped in the bathroom and now the screen cannot be slide or tapped for operation although we still can see all the programs.
Instead of buy the same model I want to give him alternative to buy iPhone 7, unfortunately it still in pre-order stage and will ready to sell on 16 Sep 2016, so this is not an option.
As my boss need his iPhone running the next day, we only have 2 choices:

  1. Repair the iPhone but need to be finished on the same day, if not I need to go with option no 2
  2. Buy the same new iPhone 6 Plus

Restoring iPhone Backup from iCloud without computer

The next day I went to the shop where he bought the iPhone and checked with their service counter. When they open the iPhone case there was water inside it scattered in several spot.
There is a tiny red mark indicating that water had been there even if it already dried. The normal colour is white.
This was void the warranty and they told me that we Apple can replace with the new iPhone but will cost us 6.3 IDR Millions or about 466.66 USD and need about 3 months to process.

Quickly I buy the new iPhone with the same model and colour. Turn on the phone and the first I did was updates its iOS t the latest version. The latest version when I wrote this posting is 9.3.5
I update this using WIFI, so we must configure WIFI when turn on the new phone.

update iOS to the latest version

To update the iOS we need to go to Settings > General > Software Update

After latest iOS version installed we are going to restore backup from iCloud:

iOS manage storage

1.Go to Settings>general>Storage & iCloud Usage>Manage Storage

choose the backup file to restore

2. You might see one or more backup files and usually the bigger file is the latest backup. Click on that files.

use the latest backup

3. Choose the latest backup

reset iphone

4. Now you need to reset your iPhone by going to Settings>General>Reset

erase all content and settings

5. Click Erase All Content and Settings

erase iphone

6. Click Erase iPhone, yes you need to erase the iPhone before restore process. Do not worry, anyway this is a new iPhone, so there is no important data.

enter passcode

7. It will ask for passcode if you already configure it before.

restore from icloud backup

8. After erasing data the iPhone will restart and you will see the option to restore from iCloud Backup. Click that option.

enter apple id

9. The iPhone will ask for your Apple ID password
This is the last time you will need to enter Apple ID password. There are about five times you need to enter Apple ID and password during the restore process.

update completed

10. Update completed.
You will see all the configuration from the last backup. In my case, I need to re-enter password for my email account to make all email appeared.

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