How to Reset Motorola Wireless AP6521 to Factory Default

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Resetting wireless AP6521 to factory default is not as easy as you thought although there is a small reset button that you can press for 8 seconds to make it back to factory default, somehow this method is never worked. I have tried this on our 14 unit wireless AP6521, and below steps is the working one:

Reset Motorola Wireless AP652

Prepare this in hand:

Cable console (blue cable)
Hex and Dec calculator (from windows accessories)
Internet browser
UTP straight cable
UTP cross cable

Symbol was acquired by Motorola, later Motorola was acquired by Zebra, so if you are looking for product of Symbol or Motorola you will end up at Zebra website and this is normal.

Steps to reset Motorola wireless AP6521 to factory default

1. Connect your AP6521 to your serial port using 19200 8  n 1 parameter.
2. Login using username reset (AP will warn you that setting will be reset to factory default) fill password column with FactoryDefault

3. AP 6521 will restart, wait until it asking for username and password. Fill username with admin and fill password with motorola

4. It will ask you to change the password. Immediately change the default password with your password. This is important step, you will not able to browse AP6521 GUI from internet explorer without changing the default password.

5. Translate last two portion of AP MAC address into last 2 octet of IP address. eg. MAC address – 00:C0:23:00:F0:0A
Zero-config IP address – (169.254. already fixed, you only need to translate F0 and 0A using calculator, on HEX mode enter F0 then press DEC mode, you will found 169. Repeat with 0A you will found 10. So your zero-config AP is for MAC address 00:C0:23:00:F0:0A

6. Connect UTP straight cable from AP6521 to power injector. Connect UTP cross cable from wireless AP6521 to your computer.

7. From internet browser point to (for this example) you will see a warning about certificate, click continue.

8. Congratulations you can start configure AP6521 using wizard after successfully reset Motorola wireless AP6521 to factory default setting.

I wrote about how to upgrade firmware for wireless here.

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