How to Repair Storage Area Missing on Accumark

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Repair Storage Area in Accumark 10:

User my reporting that they cannot find model and piece or other type component in Accumark explorer. In Accumark version 10 the tool to repair storage area problem is quite hidden not easy to find as previous versions.
This is what you need to do:
1. Ask user when last time they see the component
2. Restore using previous version function in windows to the same date as user’s information above.
3. Delete all files with extension ctl from the folder in Windows explorer (in this example S17-JRLG).
4. Open Accumark explorer click Home-> Options->Accumark utilities-> Storage areas

accumark 10 utilities

5. On the Storage area, select drive, select storage area folder, click verbose, click check

accumark verbose mode

6. Press enter until all error fixed.

Accumark fixing storage area error

When finish you should able to see the missing components. Thanks.

Accumark version 7,8, or 9

Storage area data missing:

1. In Windows explorer backup the files first
2. In windows explorer delete all .ctl files
3. Use Accumark utilities to check the corrupted folder
check verbose option ( will check and repair all)

accumark utilities 7, 8, or 9

accumark storage area error fix

4. Hit enter to continue until all process completed
5. After finish the storage area will still empty
6. close accumark expoler and re-open
7. Now you will see the storage area locked

unlock storage area

Unlock the storage area by right click the storage area and choose unlock
( first highlight other storage area, the right click locked storage area to unlock).

unlock locked storage area in accumark

After unlocking storage area now it ready to be used and the error fixed. Have a nice day.

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