Repair Dead/Broken Laptop HP Probook 4341s After Fallen Hard

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Is the laptop completely dead?

Actually it’s not completely dead, the HP Probook 4341s laptop has been fallen hard from desk to the ceramic floor after the user’s arm accidently entangled with cables that connected the laptop with external monitor, keyboard and mouse. The sound is loud enough to make all employee in the office stop working for a moment to see what happen. After the incident the laptop’s bottom nearly detached and the LCD only displaying white stripes with no picture, no physical damage on the LCD display.

Repair Dead Laptop After Fallen Hard

Checking The damages

After giving a temporary laptop to the user so she can continue to work, we start doing inventory damages. The laptop is able to turn on but not displaying anything on the LCD at all except white stripes. We tried to connect it using external monitor but the same result, no picture at all.

Try to remove the hard disk

When we removed the hard disk we can see BIOS displaying some text on the external screen. This indicate that the system still running fine. Pressing key F10 to access BIOS system and it works displaying the BIOS menu, but before we press the F10 key nothing displayed on the external monitor.

Ping the laptop’s IP Address and remote access

We are able to ping the laptop’s IP address and we also able to do remote access. So we quite happy that the laptop is not completely broken.

Temporary conclusion

We have agreed that the broken part is LCD display but could be the graphic card or the flexible cable that connecting LCD to motherboard.

Probook HP 4341s - Repair Dead Laptop After Fallen Hard

Watch Youtube to find out how to disassemble the laptop

In many cases we have watched Youtube movie first to see how to disassemble the laptop that we never open it before and this has proven a good step, reducing unnecessary wrong steps that can lead to collateral damage. Opening the casing is quite difficult although not many screws but every side has locks that make it hard to open.

After the casing opened we check on the back side of LCD display to see what model is the display. We contact our supplier to order the LCD dispay, but before ordering we want to give the supplier picture of the LCD that we though it broken to make sure we will buy the correct part. Because in this case it could be graphics card or the LCD display or the flexible cable.

We carefully assemble the laptop but we don’t want to close it permanently as we will re-open when the new LCD display arrive.

Amazingly when we tried this the display now on just like normal, we don’t believe this and restart the laptop several times and it still normal. We are very glad with this fact because it will save us about $100 for the new display. It seems that cable that connecting display to motherboard has displaced/be squeezed from it’s place and need to open the laptop’s casing to make it back normal.

flexible cable graphic card - Repair Dead Laptop After Fallen Hard

Now our job is to close the laptop as before and hope it will stay normal.

What we can learn from here:

  1. Have a backup laptop ready in case user need a laptop immediately just like this case.
  2. Observe physical damage if any serious damage on the display or body.

If no physical damage appear we can try to open and see what we can do about it. If obvious serious damage better gives it to professional service centre or it may be time to buy a new laptop 🙂

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