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Below is list of my recommendation to program or software that I believe will bring some usefulness to you as to me. I own or buy the software below. Some are free, trial, and some are paid software. If you found any useful program, let me know, i may add it on my list.

Information Technology Software

1. File Locator
Agent Ransack – I love this file locator software (http://mythicsoft.com/agentransack), especially when i need to capture search result into excel which is not available on standard windows file search. The software is from Mythicsoft and available in freeware to enterprise package.

2. PDF to Excel file converter
PDF2EXCEL (http://www.cogniview.com/) is the most flexible software to convert your PDF file into excel, we can customize the column to convert, also we can preview the result before the actual convert. They offer 7 days trial before we need to buy the license.

Internet Marketing tools:

1. Keyword Tool
Market Samurai – Keyword finder tool, the feature that i really love is SEO competition, with this I can peek what backlinks comes to my competitor website.

2. Autoresponder for email marketing
My choice is rapidresponsebot, the main reason is price, they pay allow me to pay one time for unlimited subscriber and for lifetime, nice bargain hah?

3. Domain name
I love name cheap, i use it until now

4. Hosting
Hostgator is my choice and never let me down.

5. CMS
Wordpress no doubt is the largest CMS ever use by people, and i am one of them.

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