Printer Zebra ZM600 Print Quality Issue

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This print out quality issue happen when the ribbon is about 30-20 percent left. Will not happen if the ribbon still new or about 100-70% left. It will not print some of text/graphic because the ribbon stop about 1-2 second during printing.

Printer Zebra ZM600 Print Quality Issue
No text/image on certain label area

After consultation with our local Zebra printer supplier they suggest us to do refresh flash memory and reset to default setting on the printer Zebra Zm600 and it works great, we never have the problem again.

Printer status - Printer Zebra ZM600 Print Quality Issue
Ready status

Init flash memory to refresh flash memory

  1. Printer must be in Ready position
  2. Press Setup button
  3. Press or + until you find “init flash memory
  4. Press select, when asking password type 1234 as password using + to increase value and to move to the next char.
  5. Press Select, Yes, Yes, wait until process completed.
  6. Turn off the printer.

To reset to factory defaults (after doing init flash memory)

  1. Turn on the printer wait until in Ready position.
  2. Press setup several time until “Save changes” question appear
  3. Press right and left button until “Load Defaults” appear
  4. Press Setup once, Yes
  5. Turn off printer

Now the printer print good quality label even the ribbon left about 0-30% left.

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