Why Print Spooler Stops Working on Windows 10

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This post will talk about print spooler stops working in Windows 10, one of the most happen problem in Windows 10. How we can identified and resolved this problem right away.

Print spooler service is a service that make print to printers are possible, without print spooler working correctly you cannot print anything, so this service is very important.
There are several reasons why print spooler stops working on windows 10, below are some procedure you can do to resolve this problem:

Print Spooler Stops Working
1.) Fix print problem using wizard,

this is the easiest way to do, on the search type printing problem. Click find and fix printing problem, it will open wizard to fix print spooler problem.

2.) Restart print spooler service from command prompt,

type cmd on the search bar, then right click and click Run as administrator after command prompt open, type net start spooler, to check that the service is running, type net start and if you can see print spooler on the list, it means your print spooler service is running. You can type net stop spooler to stop the spooler service.

 3.) Update printer driver

by right click printer from Device manager, and click update driver.

 4.) Update printer driver from their manufacturer,

sometimes manufacturer have newer printer than what windows update provides for their users, by updating printer driver from their manufacturer it will make sure we have the latest updates and will fix the problem with print spooler service.
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