Honda Powermate PM0497008 8,750 Watt 13 HP Portable Generator Review

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13 HP Honda GX390 Powermate 8,750 Watt Review

13 HP Honda GX390 is one of portable generator that is manufactured by Honda. The unit comes with 7,000 running watts and 8,750 maximum watts. It is designed with Honda GX 390 OHV gas engine and low oil shutdown. The control panel of the unit include four 120 V outlet, 120/240V twist lock outlet and the circuit breaker protection. But, is it enough to decide buying the unit? There several things you need to know more, such the price which is now sold for $1,248.75 with free shipping, and the pros and cons of the unit.


Most customers give positive reviews on this products. Most of them think that the Honda GX 390 has excellent design, especially the gas tank. The design is very helpful for people to add and drain the fuel inside the tank. It makes people easier to store and to load out the unit when they are going to use it for emergency. Another plus point is that the company delivered the product quickly in perfect condition. You also don’t have to worry about how to use the generator since the instruction is easy to follow and every wheel is easy to operate. When most products are harder to start for the first time, Honda, especially the 13 HP Honda GX390 is really easy to start even when it is the first time you operate the generator. When most portable generator also creates hard sound when it is working, Honda GX 390 only creates smooth sound. So, you can just put the generator not too far from your house when you are using the unit for emergency.


Besides knowing the positive reviews on the Honda GX 390, it is also suggested for you to know the weakness of the products. The biggest weakness is that the product cannot be sold in California. It can be a big problem for you who live in California for you cannot purchase Honda GX 390 from California. So, you have to think twice to buy the generator when you live in California. Another weakness is that some people question about its quality standard and safety system, especially related to the fuel tank. The indicator of the gas tank sometime does not work properly and it smells like gas.

So, to buy Honda GX 390, you have to make sure that you are not in California or at least purchase the generator from your other address out of California. It can be your other considerations when you are thinking about selling your old Honda portable. You have to sell it out of California. At last the 13 HP Honda GX390 is one of the best generator for home usage.

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