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In my opinion Polycom RealPresence group 500 is a very good quality of video conference system, we already use it for about 3 years and no serious problem so far. We use it at least 2-3 times a week for video conference or use it for in house presentation by sending laptop screen to two LCD 46 inch via WIFI.

By doing this we use Polycom RealPresence Group 500-720p Video System to replace projector. Our presentation showed in both monitor simultaneously. We only need to install small program called People+Content IP from Polycom, download free from here.

Background:Our head office is in UK while we are in Indonesia. We are using email, Cisco IP phone system, and video conference to communicate with head office or another factory branch in other countries. For video conference system we choose Polycom Realpresence group 500 and this is proven to be a good choice.

Polycom Group 500 Review
How do we use Polycom Group in Daily Activity:

End to end call (2 party):

We dial number 77xxxx this is the number of our partner video conference. Using 2 party conference advantage is having better video and sound quality compare to 3 party or more conference. We just need to dial other party number (usually IP address) and when they take the call, we start video conference session. We can show our desktop to the partner using IP People Content plus so we can discuss the project directly.

Conference video call (3 – 8 party):

Video conference and application sharing with 3 up to 8 party, other party can see us on 1st monitor and the application will be shown on 2nd monitor. Every party in the conference will call a conference number, when call conference number they will be asked for password, after key in the correct password they can start video conference.

In this mode no one will receive video call from others, all of them have to make a call to the same number and password. This is great tool if we want to conduct remote training session, presentation, and discussing a project.

In our case sometimes we have breaking up sound when we shared application to 3 or more party, this is because lack of bandwidth or bad quality line, so if we can get a better quality line the conference and video sharing to 3 – 8 party will be smooth. We are using 2mbps in this sample.

Internal Presentation

Internal training/presentation. We can use Polycom group 500 to replace projector. We only need to install IP People Content plus on the laptop and we can send our screen to the LCD. No need separate projector for internal presentation We can use the system as a projector.

Polycom Mobile Application

We can join conference using iPad or android devices. There is Polycom® RealPresence™ Mobile you can download for free. If you have android base tablet you can use RealPresence Mobile – Tablet.

Using PC for video conference terminal

If you want a better video conference experience using a PC instead as a VC console instead of a laptop, you can buy a big size monitor, get high quality web cam and speaker to listen to the voice. We have a small branch office using 24 inch LCD monitor, Logitech speaker and a Logitech web cam integrated with microphone and the result is excellent.

real presence desktop using logitech c920 - Polycom Group 500 Review

The left picture is realpresence desktop application using Logitech webcam c920 (integrated microphone) and the right monitor is from Polycom realpresence group 500 device.

Video conference requirement

Connection: Fiber optic 2mbps dedicated line 1:1 ratio.

Monitor: 2 unit NEC LCD 46 inch.

Speaker: Polycom


Trolley: to hold 2 big 46″ screen as on the picture above

Download manual book Polycom Group 500 (PDF).

If you need manual for Polycom Group 500 series, you can download here.

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