Why is Pokemon GO so Popular? a Review

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Why is Pokemon GO so popular? A Review

We still remember how Facebook has evolved amazingly to be number one social networks in the world in such a short time. People interact with this application every day, they update their status almost every event in their activities, tell the world where they are right now, showing the food they just eat, shopping things, publishing video and many more. I often found people shared personal data to the people they should not disclose.

Today the newest phenomenon has shifted to a mobile device game called Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO easily become top downloaded games in a week on Apple Store and Playstore and always booming in each country they just launch. In this post we will dig deeper what is Pokemon Go and why they are very popular and loved by people all around the world.

What is Pokemon GO?

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game based on user’s location created by Niantic, a company based in San Francisco USA. Pokemon GO can be run under devices running IOS and Android. It’s using camera and GPS to locate player coordinates so it can be played by finding Pokemon to be catched. This game is free to be played. Pokemon GO release date is July 2016.

Why Is Pokemon GO

What is Pokemon?

Pokemon is invisible monster (to see Pokemon you need your camera’s phone) that live among human or in the wild, they are in many shapes and sizes with different type power and weakness. They not speak many except to pronounce their names. You can become Pokemon trainer by catch and raise them, they can be commanded by you as their owner. There are about 700 creatures/monster live in Pokemon world.

What is the different Pokemon GO with others and why it so Popular?

In my opinion there are 3 main reason why Pokemon GO so popular like this.

  1. Pokemon GO has evolved from Pokemon video games from Nintendo in 1998.
  2. Pokemon GO force their players to walk and explore surrounding environment by finding and catching Pokemon creatures.
  3. Detect and catch invisible creatures using their phone is more fun than only sit in front of a console game all they long.

Where to Download

Pokemon Go can be downloaded from Apple store or Google playstore. If you cannot find the application in Apple store or Playstore then your country not yet officially launch for Pokemon Go. If this case you can install it from APK here. The latest version is 0.29.3 when I write this.

How to play

Right after installing Pokemon you going to need create an avatar. As you move your phone will vibrate if there is Pokemon creature nearby. Catch them by aiming your camera’s phone and throw Pokeball to catch them. By walking around you will also find Poke stop where you can collect Poke balls, potion and other. Alternative way to get Pokemon is by hatching them from egg. To get the egg you need to going to your Pokemon screen and swiping left. To hatch eggs you have to walk 2,5, or 10km. The objective of this game is to catch as many as possible Pokemon characters.
pokemon go plus - Why Is Pokemon GOWhen you have Pokemon you can battle and trade with others players. Niantic soon will release Pokemon GO Plus, it’s a wearable device which connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. This device will vibrate when there is a Pokemon nearby. You can press the button to catch the Pokemon. You don’t know pokemon type you already catch using Pokemon GO Plus until you connect it with your smartphone.

Pokemon GO Characters

Maybe you already know character called Pikachu because this character widely appear in many media. Actually there are about 720 characters in Pokedex, among them are:
Landorus, Kyurem, Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect, Chespin, Quilladin, Chesnaught, Fennekin, Braixen, Delphox, Froakie, Frogadie, and many more.
By popularity of this game, I will not surprise to meet children with the same name or resemble to Pokémon Characters.

Pokemon GO Release Date

06 July
US, Canada, Autralia, New Zealand
13 July
Germany, Spain
Italy, Portugal, Poland
16 July
UK, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland.
22 July
France, Japan
July 24

Stay tune for other country not listed yet, Niantic now preparing for it’s release in Asian countries.

Pokemon Merchandise

Due to the popularity of the game, there are many accessories related to Pokemon Go are increased in sales. From tshirt, Phone cases, trade cards, movie, cap, and more.
See Pokemon related merchandise in Amazon here.

Pokemon Pros and Cons

As you exploring surrounding environment you will know your area better, meet people and interact with people in same interest. You will have better health playing Pokemon GO as you move better than any other games.

If you too serious playing this game, sometimes you ignore dangers around you, like catching the monster without paying attention to the traffics, many accidents reported because of this. In some countries Pokemon prohibited because it will breach Country’s strategic places.

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