The Must Have Play Station 4 – a Review

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PlayStation 4 is one of the best video game consoles you could have to satisfy your hunger to games. The newest version of PlayStation has been available on the market with great features so you can feel much fun in the gaming time. For those who need to know the features, read the following review.

Better Features for Better Gaming Experiences

If you hate the slow loading time in  every saved game, you will not get it anymore since PS4 got Suspend Mode that make it much faster by only pressing the power key. The newest generation also will be enjoyable for game developers since they can explore their creativity in PS4 by pushing the playing boundaries via the console platform with great design based on the needs.

Challenge yourself during the games playing because you can share the games to the world. Whenever you reach the best achievement in the game; press the share key on controller. You can record the last video gaming with great achievement and share it by tagging to your friends in real time socialization, and then back to the game again. Enjoy PS4 games with your mobile devices since it got PS Vita feature that enables you to play in WiFi zone.

Gamers is the Inspiration for PS4 Developer

PlayStation 4 is the video game console that can give you dynamic gaming, smart personalization, powerful speed and graphics, as well as allows you to connect with other gamers for the social capability and second screen feature. With the new features designed based on the inspirations from gamers’ need, you can have enjoyable gaming time.

The Must Have Play Station 4

PlayStation 4 with Remote Playing Feature  

PlayStation 4 also got remote play feature. The feature in the system could unlock the potentials of PlayStation Vita system. That is why the video game console becomes very companion for most gamers in the world. The Vita System of PS4 is the special feature for gamers who love playing PlayStation games wherever they are. The games of PS4 not only can be played in the video game console but also through mobile devices by accessing the games in every Hot Spot area.

play station 4 front view - The Must Have Play Station 4

Applications on PlayStation 4

To get the applications of PlayStation 4, you should connect to the system of PS4. Download the applications and manage it well so you can play the video games anytime you want even when you are going outside home. The applications of PS4 will enable you to control the game from remote places, getting up to date games to play, as well as having second screen gaming to get more fun experiences; all of the applications can be enjoyed in single smooth interface. Fortunately, PS4 is now enjoyable anytime and anywhere you go.

play station 4 rear view - The Must Have Play Station 4

Hardware Specifications

Main processor of PS4 is containing great features such as custom processor in single chip, amazing CPU with lower power consumption x86-64 AMD 8 cores jaguar, and GPU 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon Graphic Core Next Engine. It will be a great processor for fast gaming. With the memory space up to 8GB will make you save as many as games you like. Additionally, this gaming console has built in 500GB hard disk. The connectivity ports provided are HDMI, optical audio, AUX, and Ethernet. It also has read only optical drive of DVD 8xCAV and BD 6xCAV. It got USB 3.0 with super speed feature.
play station 4 specification - The Must Have Play Station 4

Therefore, the newest version of PlayStation is really designed from the inspirations of gamers’ needs. You have to have PS4 if you are the real lover of video games because all fun video gaming can be had through PlayStation 4.  This wrap up my play station 4 review, happy gaming 🙂 Other good review of playstation 4 is here.

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