Panasonic Professional AG-HMC40 AVCHD Camcorder Review

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Panasonic Professional AG-HMC40 AVCHD Camcorder
If the best camcorder with reasonable price is what you’re looking for, then look no further than Panasonic AG-HMC40 AVCHD Camcorder. The many features make it a top product. To know more about this beautiful gadget, check out the main features below:

AVCCAM – The Future’s Affordable HD
Being the last segment of Panasonic’s famous AVCCAM line, the Camcorder offers you video recording that is full HD, complete with photo capture of high resolution and 10.6megapixel. This means you get the advantages having 2 pro cameras within one inexpensive package.

With the weight of 2.16-pounds, this camcorder is light yet compact. Here are what this flexible HD camcorder offers:
– still photo capture with high-resolution
– superior AVCHD recordings
– easy to operate workflow of SD card
– excellent audio tasks for various applications.
10.6-Megapixel Stills and High Quality Video in One Versatile Camera
Thanks to the 1/4-inch 3MOS imager and a full resolution 3-megapixel, you willl get incredible 1920×1080 video in AVCHD (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264) from Panasonic Professional AG-HMC40 AVCHD; the images are more stunning than HDV.

Panasonic Professional AG-HMC40 AVCHD
This camera is also helpful in in digital still photography; the photos are captured with resolution of 10.6-megapixel and the image is immediately saved as a JPEG onto the SD card. Yo can also connect the camera straight to a PictBridge photo printer without PC). Moreover, different from HDV tapes, you can access the photos and videos randomly and directly from the SD cards; you can also play them back on various devices.
The camcorder also has Leica Dicomar lens system for precise shooting. This means there are three benefits:
– wide angle
– 12X optical zoom
– O.I.S. or optical image stabilizer
Also impressive is that you get professional audio and video features with this the compact camera, such as time/date stamp, HDMI out, XLR option, remote zoom, etc.
Best Definition Performance, Reasonable Definition Price
With the HMC40, expect to get long stunning recordings with high definition at bit rates that are on professional level, thanks to high-capacity SD memory cards.
There are four modes of advance AVCCAM recording in a range of 1080 and 720 formats:
-PH mode
-HA mode
-HG mode
-HE mode
With affordable and easily available SD memory cards, the AG-HMC40 AVCHD Camcorder gives you the advantage of a fast workflow that are based on files.

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