Outlook 2013 or 2010 Sync Issues Folder Solved!

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Outlook Problem:

Outlook 2013/2010 sync issues folder has become nightmare for us, the problem was outlook suddenly re sync all email although everything is alright before and the user never do setting changes. This is becoming more problem because user who affected with this problem usually are senior managers and power users. Users will experience email performance poor, and while the is not complete, they will never receive new emails before they close and re open outlook.  Typical user complain are about this sync problem are:

– My email become slow

– My email suddenly updating big email

– I never receive email that already sent since this morning

Outlook 2013 Or 2010 Sync Issues Folder
Updating inbox maximum 3.99GB


When you look closely to the status bar in outlook you will see that outlook trying to sync folder at about 1-3.99GB. Before move to office365 we never experience this problem before, so this  is new to us. If you look on the sync problem folder you will find.

Tools to resolve:

There are the several suggestion to resolve this problem:

1. Using OST fix, using this tool can help the problem but the process to fix the corrupted OST is ages.

2. Re create windows profile. We have tried to re-create windows profile for several users but email synchronization never finish even if we leave the computer all night long and in the morning still email synchronization never completed.

Best Practices from Microsoft:

After a lot of confusion we call to Microsoft support and they did some diagnostic and take the file result to be checked. The next day they tell us that according to the diagnostics  result the inbox size is more than 4GB while their limitation is 4GB for inbox folder or 20,000 items. Microsoft also telling us that creating sub folders under inbox is a bad idea, because inbox folder will filled up quickly. They suggest to make folder the same level as inbox and keep the inbox size under 4GB. Microsoft technical support refer us to following article:

Status bar progress never shows more than 3.99 GB remaining on first Sync of large folders

You may experience application pauses if you have a large Outlook data file

How to configure Outlook to a specific global catalog server or to the closest global catalog server

My Thought:

I am not too happy with their explanation, if Microsoft realize this will become a problem why not they create some warning or procedure to stop incoming email before 4GB and never leave us in confusion like this.

So if you experience the problem above, try to move some emails from inbox folder to other folder that have the same level with inbox, move all email until the inbox size is less than 4GB or less than 20,000 items.


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