Optoma HD141X Full 3D 1080p 3000 Lumen DLP Home Theater Projector

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Optoma hd141x review – Optoma HD141X full 3D DLP Theater Projector is a theater projector with full high definition 1080p resolution and 3000 Lumen. It is great to watch movies or kinds of TV shows. Even it supports the need of large screen to play HD video games. Besides, it also can be connected to computer so you will have much larger screen to have kinds of computer tasks. There are 2 HDMI ports featured in the projector that supports HDMI 1.4a, MHL friendly that allows you to connect it with mobile devices. The full high definition native resolution; 1920x1080p is resulted by single chip DLP.  Non native resolution is also supported from the NTSC or PAL SD. The internal scaling can result 1920×1200 WUXGA resolutions.

Next to the HDMI ports, the projector also got 3D sync port that will be useful in 3D glasses with RF base. Stereo audio result from analog audio output can pass sound systems, receiver, or amplified speaker. You can play another device like projector screen in the home theater with the 12VDC trigger output feature. Control the projector easily with the back lit IR remote control.

The Technology of Single Chip DLP

A technology of single chip DLP in Optoma HD141X full 3D DLP Theater Projector allows high definition image for the millions of micro mirrors and one color wheel in the 0.65” chip. The DLP feature gives better contrast and less spacing found between the pixels. It is better technology than other systems in LCD basic.

Optoma HD141X Home Theater Projector

1.5 to 1.6:1 is Optoma HD141X Throw Ratio

Throw ratio will determine the width of the image projected on the distance screen. It belongs to the most important feature of a projector lens. For example, the images thrown by the projector on screen will be 100 diagonal or 87” of width when it is set in 11’3” distance and 1.05 zooming.

3000 Lumen Lamps

One lamp in the projector produces 3000 lumens brightness if it is set in normal mode. The estimation of the life is up to 5000 hours and even up to 6500 hours if the lamp is used in lower brightness in DB mode constantly. Before using the projector, set it in perfect level of brightness in the application. It requires the calculation of screen width, throw distance or the screen distance from the projector, the ambient light sums near the screen, as well as the screen surface reflectivity applied.

Optoma hd141x review - Optoma HD141X Home Theater Projector

16:9 Native Aspect Ratio

The native aspect ratio in the Optoma HD141X full 3D DLP Theater Projector is in 16:9 format of widescreen in the 1080p native resolution. In such ratio, the projector can illustrate 4:3 content, whichever by including side black bars or pillaring, image cropping or image stretching to fit the screen.

Compatible to MHL or Mobile High-Definition Link

You can connect tablets, smartphones or another mobile device with MHL output feature via HDMI input in the projector. The connection can also be used for charging the mobile devices. You need an adapter or cable to connect MHL to HDMI; it is available individually.

Optoma HD141X remote control - Optoma HD141X Home Theater Projector

VESA 3D and DLP Link Active Glasses Supporting

Optoma 1080p DLP Projector Black can display 3D images from kinds of sources such as video games player, Blue Ray discs, etc. because of the feature of HDMI 1.4a mandatory 3D. To use the VESA 3D compatible active 3D glasses, you can use the projector’s back port. Besides, you also can use DLP link glasses like the Optoma BG-ZD301 that is sold separately. The high scan rate of DLP technology negates additional sync hardware that is connected to projector; it makes the video frames packed in the sync data between one each of the frames. This is the feature of DLP link glasses. Make sure the source can supply a HDMI 1.4a mandatory format so the Optoma HD141X full 3D DLP Theater Projector can support the 3D devices. OK this is my Optoma hd141x review.

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