How to Use Online Archive in Outlook 2013?

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About Online Archive on outlook 2013
Online archive on outlook 2013 is a feature that need to be enabled by your IT administrator. The purpose of online archive is to keep your old email into organized folder so you can retrieve these emails later. I prefer to call this an online version of your PTS file. However in PST file you cannot open email stored in PST via web, but we can open when use this.

How do I know that my IT administrator already activate the online archive feature?
The easiest way to see this is to look for Online Archive – your email address on the left pane. If you can find it then congratulations you have 50GB online storage.

Online Archive

How to use Online archive?

Just think Online archive as your regular PST file in online mode, means you can:
1. Drag and drop email into the folder
For steps 2-4 below you need to setup quick steps first.
2. Select the email press the quick steps you already created.


3. Right click the email and click quick steps and click the one you just created
right click
4. Select the email and Press Ctrl-Shift-1

How to setup quick steps (shortcut) to move emails to online archive?

Follow below steps to setup shortcut for online archive

1. Click arrow icon on Quick Steps


2. Click new and choose Move to Folder


3. On actions click Choose folder, when you see drop down option, scroll down and click Other Folder


4. Create new folder if necessary or choose existing folder


5. Select the folder as you wish, on my sample below I create folder 2009 and select that folder.


6. On optional choose shortcut key to use, choose CTRL+SHIFT+1


7. Click Save and finish

I notice that online archive is not cached on your local drive, this mean it does not store local copy of email in online archive mailbox. This is very understandable because online archive tend to be huge and you don’t want to keep huge OST file on your outlook because it will make your outlook slower and you will facing many problem with that. There is drawback to have email not being cached. It will slower when you open the file in that mailbox because outlook directly open from the server. The good news is beside you can open the email online, from web or your mobile devices, you can save up to 50 GB of emails and it will not slowing down your outlook.

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