Onedrive Sync Problems – 3 Ways to Recover

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Update April 2016:

No more sync problem after using  OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client please refer to this post


There are times when we lost our specific document version because of Onedrive folder did not sync correctly. This should not happen but in reality we experience this, therefor I wrote my experience how to deal with OneDrive sync problems:

  • Recover file that has not been saved (more than 10 minutes opened)
  • Recover document version from OneDrive Online (web apps)
  • Fix OneDrive folder that not Sync


Recover Excel file that has not been saved (at least opened for more than 10 minutes)

Excel will autosave your excel file after 10 minutes (every 10 minutes). To open unsaved spreadsheet:
1. Start Excel – Scroll down and click Open Other Workbook.

OneDrive Sync problems

2. Scroll down again until you find Recover Unsaved Workbooks
onedrive sync problem recover file version
3. You will see all unsaved workbook in there, you can open and save the file you are looking for.
Onedrive not sync
4. Open the file and Save.


Recover document version from OneDrive Online (web apps)

If you cannot find the last version of your workbook, you must check other version of the file from OneDrive web apps. Follow this step:
1. Double click onedrive for business icon, it will open OneDrive folder on your computer, usually created under C:\Users\username\OneDrive – Company name
Sync problems with Onedrive
2. Right click the file you want to check, highlight OneDrive for Business, it will open sub menu, click Go to browser.
not sync
3. When you click go to browser, it will asking you username (email address) and password, fill it correctly to continue. When success you will see similar page as below. Highlight the file, Click on More and you will see drop down menu, choose Version History.
Sync problems with Onedrive for business
You can view or restore the file, my suggestion is to view the file first, if you found the version you want, you can save it.

file version

Fix OneDrive folder that not Sync

Make sure your OneDrive sync is up to date by clicking OneDrive icon
recover file version on onedrive
If your files is not update (Green Circle with checkmark) you will see 2 other icon:
– Icon with red cross icon or
– Sync icon in process but never completed
onedrive sync issue
For both problem above you only need to move affected files from current location (OneDrive folder) to other location outside OneDrive.
After you move all affected files, now you should see all are updates. When all updates you can move back the files into OneDrive folder again. Now OneDrive will try to sync and with my case it will solve the problem not synching correctly.

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