Network Connect Error on Java When Try to Use KVM

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Network connect error happen when you try to connect your computer remotely via KVM, on my case I use KVM Avocent DSR 1024. This is actually not KVM problem but Java problem. The easiest way to resolve this problem is by downgrade/upgrade your Java to version 8u45.

network connect error

To check your Java version from control panel – click Java – When Java control panel opened on General tab, click about button and you will see below image. If other than version 8u45 than you have remove that version and install Java version 8u45. You can download Java version 8u45 here:
check java version

Other alternative to check what Java version installed on your PC is by checking Program and features on Control panel, many times you will see several version of java, make sure you only install Java version 8u45.

check Java version from control panel

Other solution for network connect error is here:

You can also check here:

I have other issue and solution with Java security which I posting here, this is part of Windows 2012 server remote install post.  All post in this blog is to remind me if I face the same problem again, so it’s more like my tech log.


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