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Transferring all data from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6 plus

My boss just bought a new iPhone 6 plus 16 GB and currently he own iphone 5. He want me to move all data like contact, message, email, application and all data from iPhone 5s to his iPhone6 plus. He also want to erase all data in iPhone5 after successfully transferred to iPhone6 plus because he want to give it to someone as a gift, of course it’s not for me.

Move Data IPhone 5s To IPhone 6 Plus

I prepared following:

  • Account and password for apple id
  • Passcode to logon
  • Account and password for corporate email

This should be easy and I plan to do it as follow:

  • Backup iPhone5s to iCloud
  • Backup iPhone5s to computer using iTunes
  • Restore to iPhone 6 plus
  • Test iPhone6 plus to make sure everything is working fine
  • After my boss confirm everything is in new iPhone 6 plus, I will delete all data in iPhone 5

Sound simple right and below is details of the process:

Backup to PC

I launch iTunes and plug in the iPhone5, for some reason iTunes cannot recognize the phone. I tried to update iTunes to the lates version after upgrading process finish it recognize the phone and I start to backup all.

Backup to iCloud:

As a preventive measures I also backup iPhone 5 data to iCloud before I backup I also notice that the last backup for that phone is 2 days ago so, the automatic back up is working good.

Removing nano SIM card from iPhone 5 and insert into iPhone6 plus

I have no problem moving SIM card from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6 plus because both are nano SIM cards size.

Restoring backup image from computer using iTunes:

I Started to plug the new iPhone6 plus to my computer tried to restore from PC but it says that I must setup the phone as new phone first then I can restore it. Setup iPhone as a new phone is easy as below:

Setup iPhone6 as a new phone

Language to use is the first screen to choose, WIFI setting, Apple ID, etc, until finish.

Back to restoring backup, it still cannot continue but this time with different error message saying that I have to upgrade to match OS version or update to the latest version.

As I already configure the WIFI I just need to update the IOS directly from the iPhone6 Plus.

After IOS upgraded to 9.2.1 I can restore backup from iTunes.

After restart I can see that everything is now in the new iPhone 6 plus.

Testing email client

I can send directly from iPhone 6 plus without problem but I can not receive incoming email. The status is always “checking email” or sometimes “downloading”. I asked my friend who also using iPhone 6 and he told me that this is because bug from IOS 9.2.1 and his iPhone 6 is still using version 8.4.1. I I also tried to reset network setting from the phone but has no effect on this problem.

I am started to worried as it already more than 3 hours since I working on this process.

I plan to downgrade the IOS to 8.4.1. hoping the problem will be sorted. Downloading previous IOS from here. The size is 2,3 GB in zipped file. The detail of downgrading from 9 to 8.4.1. is here: IOS 8.4.1. improvements is here
Note: I never downgrade the IOS as it finally works.

About 20 minutes to lunch time, I noticed that checking email now faster almost instant and this happen without me doing anything except resetting network setting so maybe the problem is just need sometimes to work properly or as result of resetting network setting. No more downloading status on the phone.

5 minutes later my boss pop up on my desk asking the progress and I confidently says that everything is OK and his phone is ready to be used.

After he confirm that everything is working fine I started to processing erasing everything from iPhone5. I choose setting … reset… and everything to as it come from the shop.

30 minutes after he complain about iMessage and Facetime, where his phone number hs no checkmark in front of it, means this number cannot be used by iMessage and Facetime.

Again I googling and found article that I need to reset everything. When I am about to reset my boss said that now number in iMessage have checkmark but not in face time. While I googling for face time he also said that now the facetime number also has checkmark. So again everything works without need to doing anything after data transferred, just need sometimes to work, and this is what we don’t have here “patient” everything must be done fast in my office 🙂

After that he never complain about his iPhone6 plus again as everything is working fine. I also activate his finger print to replace passcode. He just need to touch his finger to open the iPhone 6 plus, what a smart phone.

Some notes:

Passcode in iPhone 6 is 6 digits, while in iPhone5 is only 4 digits.

What is iPhone 6 plus have that iPhone5s don’t:

Faster processor

Better Photo quality

Longer battery life

However physically  i don’t really like iPhone 6 it is that too bulky for me.

This end up my stories about moving from iPhone 5 s to iPhone 6 Plus, i hope you will learn something here.

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