How to Move Email Addresses in Autocomplete to The New Computer in Outlook 2016 or Troubleshoot Autocomplete That’s not Working

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Auto complete feature in outlook will save email addresses which you had sent before and the email that email address will show up when compose or reply email and start typing letter in To… Cc… row. Many people use this feature and they never save as a contact in address book. However sometimes it’s suddenly not working and you want all email addresses back.

Or maybe you just buy a new computer and want to move email addresses in auto complete on the new computer, I will explain how to do this.

what is autocomplete

The way to import autocomplete in outlook 2010 from Microsoft website is here:

Backing up and restoring the AutoComplete cache of Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 from msoutlook info is here:

Information about the Outlook AutoComplete list is here:

My experience moving email addresses in outlook’s autocomplete by copying RoamCache folder

  1. Disable Cache mode in Outlook
  • Open Outlook
  • Click File>Account Settings Dropdown>Account Settings…

Click Change…

remove outlook cache mode

Untick Use cached exchange mode.

remove cached exchange mode

Click Next>Finish

Exit from outlook


  1. Copy folder RoamCache from source computer and move it to the new computer,

Click Start and enter %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook and press Enter key.

click start and run

This will open folder where the autocomplete data stored

Usually in folder C:\users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook

Rename folder RoamCache for backup

Copy folder RoamCache from source computer

backup roamcache folder first

Open RoamCache (in above sample RoamCache – Copy folder) folder that you just rename and find file Stream_Autocomplete_0_…_xxxxx.dat

copy fle name only

Now copy the file name (Only the file name NOT the file itself) into notepad

Open RoamCache folder (from source computer)

Rename existing file Stream_Autocomplete_0_…… to be the same as on the notepad (the same with file name in original folder).

Start outlook again (this will take longer to start because in Online mode not Cached mode)

Now put checkmark in Use Cache Exchange Mode, click Next until finish.

Exit from outlook.

Re-start again outlook (now in cache mode)

Wait until all folder updated and now Autocomplete should work fine from now on. Problem sorted 🙂

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