Migration to Office 365 Project

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Migration To Office 365For the last 3 months our office has been initiate office 365 migration project. We have 3 different plan with office 365 project. E1 plan, E1 + office 2010 plan and E3 plan.

Office 365 E1 users: We aim for light user who not working intensive with computer. However this require good PC specs to run smoothly, when run on pentium celeron PC based (yes we still have pentium celeron PCs) took 2 second just to move from one cell to the next. It run better on core 2 duo and above processor. Users with intense usage will complain about its flexibility comparing to installed application office version. This E1 version of office 365 only provide online version of office, so you have to keep connected to the internet. This version is the cheapest choice.

Office 365 E1+office 2010: We targeting user who use office intensively

Office 365 E3: This is the most expensive option, we have to pay $30 every month to subscribe to this plan. We use this version for directors, IT staff, and employee who work remotely from their office. We have some users who work abroad or other city.

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