Memory is Detected but is not Configurable Dell Poweredge Server

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This happen to our two Dell Poweredge R230 servers running as domain controller servers. Almost everytime we restart the server for windows updates, the server will not restart and there is error message on the display “memory is detected but is not configurable”.
This has become big problem as we are mostly accessing the server remotely. When domain controllers are not running, users will not able to be authenticated thus they cannot access network. Access points are not working and our handheld wireless scanners also not working and this is become nightmare because it means our production stop working and bad to business.

We are using original memory from Dell, so there is no chance that this is compatibility issue. After searching on the net we found there is new firmware that will fix this issue. The latest firmware is version 2.1.4 while our current version is 1.0.2

Steps to upgrade firmware to resolve “Memory is Detected but is not Configurable” issue.

1. Need domain administrator password to run this update.

login as administrator

2. Firmware validation.

File sometimes corrupted when downloaded, this process below make sure that the firmware file is intact.

validate firmware file

3. Confirmation before upgrading firmware

Make sure that the version is newer than your current version.

version confirmation before update

4. Reboot several times after upgrade

reboot confirmation

After reboot confirmation dialog, your server will restart several times during the process. This is normal, expect 5-10 minutes in this process and it will finally finish and the server back online without issue cannot restart anymore.

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