Lost your Phone? Use Android Device Manager to find Your Android Phone

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Android Device Manager is an android locator application from Google to find your phone in case you lost it or you can use it to locate your spouse/friends location. We cannot find other’s people phone without their consent, so don’t worry your friend can find your phone location without your permission.

How is Android Device Manager works?

Android device manager works by accessing Gmail account which associated with android device. It will send a verification code first to make sure it is you, so you need to be able to access the device you want to monitor the location first when you setup Android device manager.

Android Device Manager Objective

This android locator application goal is to find your phone and securing the data inside it by resetting screen lock PIN or erasing all data on the phone if required. To run Android Device Manager from the phone follow below steps:

  1. Download and install Android Device Manager from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.adm&hl=en
  2. Run (double click) Android Device Manager from your phone
  3. Click the little arrow button on the right and click login as a guest
  4. Type gmail email address that associated with the Android device you want to locate
  5. After successful login ADM will locate your Android device location.

 Android Device Manager

login as guest -  Android Device Manager

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find your android phone -  Android Device Manager

lost your phone -  Android Device Manager

Android Device manager on the web

If you want to open Android Device Manager from web because you don’t have another smartphone with Android Device Manager installed. Follow below steps. If you are not logged in yet, you have to login from http://myaccount.google.com

  1. Browse Google.com
  2. Type find my phone
  3. It will automatically locate your phone if you already logged is with Gmail account.

What happen after we locate the phone location?

If your phone was stolen, you can contact the police to report the incident and give all the information you have regarding the device location.

If you left the phone somewhere and no one took it, you can visit the location.

Other action you can do other than locating phone’s location are:

Reset your device’s screen lock PIN

This will prevent someone accessing your phone. Even if they restart your phone, it will still in locked position after restarted.

Reset your device -  Android Device Manager's screen lock PIN

Erase all data on the phone

If you do not want others to open your sensitive data on your stolen phone, you can erase all data on the phone by choosing erase option. This option will performs a factory reset or your device.

erase all data -  Android Device Manager

Google Security Setting

You must know Google account and password that associated with your android devices. This sounds funny but I know several people that don’t know what their account password is.

Activate Remote locate this device, Allow remote lock and erase. To set this option on your phone click Google>Google setting.

Android device manager setting -  Android Device Manager

What if you want to activate the function after you lost your phone?

If you need to activate the function after you lost your phone, there is still a chance.


Device Unavailable

Although you already setup everything correctly Find my phone (Android Device Manager  on the web) cannot locate you phone with error message Device Unavailable. If you run ADM from other phone, it can locate your phone correctly.

device unavailable -  Android Device Manager

Check your computer, it probably using proxy server program like mine using Websense client. My Websense server is in Singapore but my actual phone location is Indonesia, Find my phone having trouble determining my phone location base on that fact.

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