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One morning when I turn on my Lenovo tablet, it hang on the Lenovo logo although I wait more than 30 minutes. Last night everything is OK, so there is something happened with the tablet that I didn’t realized. I saw this problem not specific to Lenovo, other brands also experience the same problem when they are using Android. I believed this is not because Android is bad but because Android is open source, people can create any application and distributed in the internet including the which causing problem. We installed the bad apps accidently to our mobile devices.

Lenovo Tablet Hang On Startup

What was exactly causing this problem?

There are many possibilities the cause of the problem:
– Software update
– Installing malicious program from the internet
– Software glitch

How to resolve this problem?

I have tried several ways on the internet like:
– Power on and off Lenovo tablet
– Pull the battery out, but this Lenovo tablet has no detachable battery so pulling out the battery is not an option.
– Press power + down volume same time for 20 seconds.
– Press power +up volume button for 20 seconds
All of them was not working on my case. The Lenovo tablet B6000-HV still hang on startup with it’s logo.

The ultimate solution is to flash it’s ROM to the default ROM.

This solution is not preferable because it need some technical skill and if it failed it will broke your tablet.
My device is Lenovo tablet B6000-HV and OS Android 4.2.2. This tablet WIFI+3G+Voice means it can be used to make a phone call, connect to the internet via 3G or via WIFI.
At first I ask my nephew to fix my tablet and he did not 100% correct, he use ROM for Lenovo B6000-H instead of B600-HV. Because of this the tablet cannot make phone call or receive call. It also cannot install Whatsapp with error message “Your device is not compatible”.
I have to re-flash the correct ROM to make tablet working 100%. Below are steps to flash Lenovo tablet to resolve hang on startup problem:

Disclaimer: There is a risk you will brake your tablet when flashing ROM incorrectly, we held no responsibility of this, if you aware and agree of this you can continue the steps below, otherwise stop and send your tablet to Lenovo service centre.

Preparation to flash ROM:

1. Download ROM for Lenovo tablet B6000-HV here


(Russian Lenovo Forum) I create the mirror on my Google drive here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3BPcME1ZlDtdVN6QXVKSzMxSWc/view?usp=sharing

2. Download SP flash tool version v5.1343.01 here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3BPcME1ZlDtQ2NFdkhFWVVxV00/view?usp=sharing
3. Make sure your tablet battery is charged more than 70%
4. USB data cable (use Lenovo’s adaptor cable)
5. Laptop or desktop computer

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ROM flash execution steps:

1. Extract the Rom file (it come in rar format)
2. Extract SP flash tool
3. After extract SP flash tool no need to install the software, just run file flash_tool.exe it will show error as below, click OK, click Scatter-loading button.

lenovo hang on startup - Lenovo Tablet Hang On Startup

4. Go to ROM folder target_bin and open file MT6589_Android_Scatter_emmc.txt

lenovo hang on logo - Lenovo Tablet Hang On Startup

5. If succeed it will load all the required component as below picture:

lenovo tablet hang - Lenovo Tablet Hang On Startup

5. Click Download button it should start flash ROM to your Lenovo tablet. In my case after I click download button nothing happened. After I disconnect and re-connect USB cable it start flashing ROM.

smart phone flash tool - Lenovo Tablet Hang On Startup

6. After I reconnect the USB cable, now it starting downloading Lenovo ROM

flashing ROM Lenovo tablet - Lenovo Tablet Hang On Startup

7. Finish ROM flash process

finish flashing ROM - Lenovo Tablet Hang On Startup

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Your Lenovo tablet should now working OK. Let me know if you still have a problem on the comment below.

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