Kindle Fire HDX 7” Display Wi-Fi 16GB Review

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Kindle Fire HDX 7” Display Wi-Fi 16GB Brings Ease in Communication and Technology
Communication is a special tool needed to build further relationship with family even friends. It becomes so important when someone is far away from home and could not update his family’s news every day. That is why many brands of smartphones and tables are launched and issued to make other people have a convenient way to speak with their family or friends without concerning the distances. There are varied levels and class that communication and technology companies have tried to produce. Some are designed in common ways where the basic thing is just to provide connection so they could talk with their beloved ones easily. Meanwhile, some are made with advanced applications and features to support people’s life and needs, especially professionals and business men. Kindle Fire HDX 7” Display Wi-Fi 16GB, produced by Amazon, is special tablet that meets everyone’s need.

Kindle Fire HDX 7” Display Wi-Fi 16GB is the newest product after the old one, Kindle Fire HD, was released in 2012. Like other latest products, of course this type is equipped with sophisticated features and applications. We can see it clearly from the length of the screen first. With the 7” HDX touchscreen display, absolutely you will be pleased when reading files or documents, watching videos, and even playing games. Other advantages that come along with this feature are 1920 x 1200 resolution at 323 ppi, brightness that can be set up to 400 nits, video playback, the color accuracy which is 100% sRGB, Dynamic Image Contrast, and high quality of polarizing filter.
Of all advanced features, battery life is one of the main reasons when looking for the best tablet. Most products offer hours of battery life to draw buyers’ attention, but not all of them succeed to make stunning performance. Kindle Fire HDX 7” Display Wi-Fi 16GB, on the other hand, provides up to 11 hours if you want to browse sites on internet, listen to your favorite music and songs, watch videos and movies, and read e-Book novels, for instance. The battery life is up if you only use this table for reading. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you are able to get internet access everywhere as long as the spot provides Wi-Fi. Dual –antenna Wi-Fi (MIMO+HT40), Dual-Band is a special property that makes Wi-Fi connectivity of this product looks special and out of ordinary. There is no longer useless talk since this tablet is perfect and designed with 2.2GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, with 2GB of Ram and Adreno 330 GPU. The storage capacity itself is amazing. The tablet has 16GB, which are upgradable to 32GB or even 64GB.

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