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What is keyword research and keyword tools, is it important to our blog/website to be able to generate income online? Keyword research is the fundamental of building successful website. If you build a blog or website without doing proper keyword research you may end up with frustration after works of thousand hours your blog still not in top search or if your blog in 1st position in search, you found that visitors still very little to none.

keyword competition
Keyword make money online have search result 1.8 billion, this keyword is very tough to compete, avoid keyword with competition like this.

Do not make the mistake above, research your keyword carefully and you can get good traffic with little efforts and you can eventually get loads of traffic (visitors) to your website.

Keyword tools

Keyword tools usually a software or program that can provide data statistic about a keyword. With keyword tool we can find out total searches, related keyword and keyword competition, etc.

Keyword planner is keyword toll from Google.

Google keyword planner
Google keyword planner

I am using Market Samurai for years and still amaze with its capability. Especially i like the anchor text analysis where we can find out what anchor text used by our competition and where they get the backlinks. By knowing our competitor’s backlinks, we can make a better backlink.


Whatever keyword tools you are using make sure you do keyword research before building a website. Do not build a blog/website without it or your journey to online business will be tough.

Visit Market Samurai for more info about keyword research.

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