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What is KDLinks X1

The X1 is one of the most famous dashboard camera in the market. Offering high quality video capture for both day and night, this camera is an excellent choice for those looking for high resolution car camcorder in a very good price. Equipped with perfect sensors and Wide Dynamic Range video, this camera is a good companion for your car’s safety kit. The super wide 165 degree angle of this product will make sure there is nothing unrecorded when you are driving.

Best Camera Quality

This camcorder has the best camera quality in its class. With Full HD video and 1920×1080 resolution, you can see the video footage clearly. This high resolution makes this camera captures perfect pictures at day time. The quality is not perfect for night time recording, but it is still very good, even better than other similar dashboard cams out there.

KDLinks X1

Best GPS Technology

The GPS is made with Japan technology that ensures the quality of this product. It comes with suction cup for the GPS cable which will prevent your dashboard from being messy. The GPS can convert the data into video. You can choose to turn on or turn off the GPS, If you turn it on, it can show you information regarding your journey on the Google maps. You can recheck your route which the GPS has recorded for you in your computer by installing KDLinks Player Software. This software is included in the package when you buy the camera.

kdlinks night vision - KDLinks X1

Best Safety Measure

Another best feature from this camcorder is the safety measures. When you start your car, the camera will start recording automatically. This way, you will still have a good footage even though you forget to turn the camera on. The Li-polymer battery can work perfectly in wide range of temperature. If an accident happens, the G-sensor will detect it and automatically lock the latest video file for you. This camcorder has loop recording feature. But don’t worry, you can lock video files of your choice so that those videos won’t be erased even though the recording is looping.


Those three features are the summary of what greatness KDLinks X1 Car Dashboard Camcorder can give you. Furthermore, the customer support is very helpful. If you have any issues or questions about your dashboard cams, you can contact them and they will respond immediately. You can also see the video comparisons between this product and another product in Youtube to make you more convinced to buy this camcorder.

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