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The Problem:

We have 2x HP 4015tn, one we called PTDP0051 and the other is PTDP0052 to print barcode via JDE, not only barcode printing, they also print efficiency report via JDE and other excel reports from Windows 7. In the morning everything was OK until one of colleague tried to fix the other printer PTDP0052, in the process of fixing that printer he had to turn off printer PTDP0051. After that process, the printer PTDP0051 cannot print efficiency reports and other standard reports which run on JD Edwards. However it still print bundle tickets (barcode).


People still able to print to that printer from Excel.

Bundle ticket (barcode) can print to that printer normally (slowly at first because of backlog but normal after flush backlog on the print spooler)

Efficiency report can not print to the same printer (PTDP0051)

After lots of confusion and pressure from production department we learnt couple of things:

  1. This is not a connection problem, obviously it’s not because bundle ticket still print normally.
  2. Bundle ticket (barcode printing) have special server to serve printing and form creation that we called Routeone because it’s running Routeone server.
  3. Efficiency report running on native JDE, means that the print was handle by the same JDE server IBM AS400.
  4. Other printer running above JDE have no problem, they can print normally. So the problem is specific to this printer PTDP0051.

There are 2 possible solutions:

  1. Create a virtual server on one of the cutting’s computer, this require a computer run the virtual printer service to be able to print to PTDP0051, we created a virtual printer we called PTD0006 and when the efficiency report reroute to that printer it’s print OK.
  2. Stop and re-run the printer (writer) on JDE, in windows this will be the same with start and stop printer spooler service but this is for particular printer PTDP0051, the command are:


This is to see the status of the printer (PTDP0051)


This is to end the printer service if the service is running but not working properly


This command is to re-start the printer PTDP0051

After this command, everything is working fine, efficiency report printed out as it should be.

Root of the problem:

This problem happened when the printer was turn off while there were jobs in the queue (spooler), so next time we turn off the printer please make sure there is nothing in the job queue (spooler of the printer).1

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