Is Competition Really Making The Market Leaders Lose Their Marbles?

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The overall mass market phenomenon being faced by and large with regards to technology has been a major driver towards how we lead our lives, think about it just a little over a decade ago we couldn’t have imagined that we would have the whole world right in the palms of our hands and with a click we could simply connect and interact with probably everyone we know or would like to know as well.

Market Competition

Better Communication

Being able to communicate better, stay up to date with everything while also at the same time keeping in touch with anyone – truly everywhere opens a whole era towards communications and mobile phone technology. It breaks down barriers and make the world a much smaller market place.

But our ability to do more, do better didn’t just stop there; from the very first mobile phone that journey has been unending and therefore has seen us adopt and accept what smartphone manufacturers have been able to do for us – after all it only made life better and we were all for it right from the beginning.

Just ask a number of cottage industries around mobile phone market ecosystem and you’ll have more than just an answer to all your questions, you’ll actually understand what happened right before the mobile phone industry became a rapidly growing market place. Right from the time the shift was made from a simple Nokia or Blackberry Phone to an OS which the consumer was able to work with and interact with as well.

And thus the Apple iPhone came on with a bang, and we loved it, not far behind of course and rather quickly catching up were other manufacturers enabled by Google’s Android OS. They made it worth our while and there is an argument that we were all better for it as well. However the rat race has now seen growth reach its potential probably. We have done more but is it really better.

Smartphone is now fast moving product

Looking at pure statistics it is fair to argue that smartphone acceptability has made possible what was impossible. But as the corporate world is, competition very soon turned into madness – where phones were brought out every two or three years, very soon we saw them coming out within a years’ time and what amazed us that they were bigger and better.
However it is safe to say now considering the latest flagships launched i.e. the Samsung Note 7 and iPhone 7 and 7 Plus just a year after their previous versions were launched to a consumer base which wanted more but probably was comfortable with their previous phones.

There companies have maybe out done themselves but have on the whole disappointed their customers by bringing about faulty phones with questionable hardware. As far as Apple is concerned they have taken a step further into reorganizing the way in which we conduct ourselves.
Better or worse? That we leave to the reader and the consumer wholly.

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