Installing Windows 2012 Server from DVD Disc, Remotely via KVM

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This is actually not a new technology, however I just realise that this is so fun for me, considering that the machine is 150KM away from where I sat. This is not magically happen I still need to prepare anything required to remotely install Windows 2012 server operating system.

My case is: I need to re-install domain controller from scratch, because there is something wrong with the previous installation. The distance between me and the machine is about 150KM, if I am going there will need about 3-4 hours or even more if traffic is bad. So I save 6-8 hours business trip back and forth by remotely installing the server.

  • Windows 2012 Server DVD already inside the DVD drive.
  • The Machine already connected properly via KVM (Avocent DSR1022)
  • Have a corporate VPN connection

We buy 2 units desktop PC with i5 processor, 4GB RAM and 1TB harddisk, and DVD drive. We already have KVM unit and power module (not required for this installation).

This KVM (Avocent DSR1022) is accessible remotely and can control the computer before it entering operating system. This means you can access computer’s BIOS remotely, etc just like you are in front of the machine. There is a module that connected to the PC’s VGA port and USB port, that module also connected to KVM DSR1022 port. This is how I can install windows 2012 server remotely.


I have several problem with Java when using KVM console, you can see it here and here.

If you need also able to control power electricity to a device such as server, PC, router, switch, you can buy power module from Avocent. With this wonderful device you can restart the power (electricity) of a device. This is very useful when your computer or device hung and need to be restarted. If you need to power off for about 5 minutes or more then turn it on again, this power module also can handle. Sometimes but very rare your KVM is hung and you need to restart it. If you connect the power to one off power module outlet you have to choose restart, if you choose turn off then you cannot turn it back on because the KVM is off J so be careful with this option.

This Power Module PM10, have 10 power outlets so you can use for up to 10 computers/devices.

Again If you work remotely to manage your network, this Avocent KVM DSR1024 and Power module PM10 are a must, you will thankful when you face problem like mine.

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