Installing Datawedge 3.3 That Keep Stays After Cold Boot

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Sometimes after we install Datawedge and we restart (cold boot) the scanner the datawedge application will gone and we have to re-install. On this article I will show you how to install datawedge that keep stays after cold boot so you don’t have to re-install datawedge.

On this article I am using:

  • Laptop/PC to install datawedge on computer.
  • Scanner MC 3190
  • Scanner cradle with USB cable as hardware interface between scanner and computer.
  • Windows 7 prof. 64 bit
  • Windows Mobile Device Center, as application interface between Scanner and computer.
  • Datawedge version 3.3 to trigger laser beam to read barcode.

I assume that you already install Windows mobile Device Center and Datawedge 3.3 on your computer, if not download and install both program by following URL in the bottom of this article.


  1. Connect your scanner (I am using scanner MC3190) to the cradle. Click Set up your device

Installing Datawedge 3.3

2. Click Cancel

cold boot scanner 3190 - Installing Datawedge 3.3

3. Click Programs and Services

programs and services - Installing Datawedge 3.34. Click more>>

click more - Installing Datawedge 3.35. Click Add/Remove programs

add remove programs - Installing Datawedge 3.36. Tick Motorola Data Wedge and click OK

tick motorola datawedge - Installing Datawedge 3.37. On the Select Destination Media, there are several option, choose Application, if you choose Main memory the next time you cold boot your datawedge application will gone. So this is the key, only choose application when install!

install datawedge on application folder - Installing Datawedge 3.3

8. Check your scanner on the cradle it will need your confirmation by pressing OK button on the scanner, the application will start installing. Click OK when finish.

choose finish - Installing Datawedge 3.3

If you need to install Windows Mobile Device Centre (for windows 7 64 bit)

If you need to install Datawedge version 3.3

Hopefully this article will help you installing Datawedge version 3.3. Please share if you find this article is useful.


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